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Sunday, August 20, 2017

28 Day Whole Living Challenge

 You've been sharing with me what you're looking for, and i've been listening. This 28 day program is broken down into 4 parts over 4 weeks:

Week 1: Purify and Assess
This week you'll revamp your eating habits with an optional 3 day detox program, start nourishing your body through whole foods and cut out processed foods. You'll learn how to properly stock your kitchen with the right staples for abundant wellness, learn ways to food prep for success, and get acquainted with the basics of our 28 day program including energizing your body with workouts that build your strength and endurance week after week that incorporate cardio, strength training, and flexibility.

Week 2: Dive In
This week -- with your system cleansed and your mind and body re-energized -- it's time to dive in to the heart of your challenge. As you set out on a healthier approach to nutrition and whole body wellness, you'll start to jot down everything you eat to help you identify challenges (whether it's managing portion sizes or coping with cravings). You'll learn my simple proper-portioning approach to balanced eating and your meal plan will be 100% customized for your preferences and to achieve your desired results (options include no grain, gluten free/dairy free/soy free, vegetarian/or primarily plant based, vegan, and lean down/maintenance/or weight gain). You'll use either the trackers i provide, my online accountability resources and community, or use a food diary. You'll also have the option to either intensify your exercise program during Week 2 or turn it down (to accommodate your personal needs and goals), and begin exploring simple stress-relief techniques.

Week 3: Ramp it up
Your primary goal in the third week is to shake off any remaining bad habits and crowd them out with new healthy ones. You'll learn nutritious substitutions for food indulgences and get new strategies for energizing your body everyday. You'll also pick up a few mindful-eating and meditation techniques for your whole-body makeover and continue to record your food intake and monitor your stress in your journal.

Week 4: Create Lasting Change and Habits
During this fourth and final week of the official plan, we'll be practicing the art of consistency and fighting off old patterns. We'll reflect on all the positive changes you've made so far -- and zero in on any areas where you'd like to see more progress. While you'll keep nurturing your new healthy habits, you'll also be paying attention to the areas where you need improvement most and be using your journal to uncover any reasons why you might be struggling. Before we wrap week 4 we'll connect one on one to refine your routine and set a new action plan that fits your lifestyle moving forward. On this call you'll have the opportunity to get a new customized program, reaffirm your intentions, and set new goals for healthier living for the remainder of this year, with an outlook of how you'd like to feel as you shift into the next season.

**Your challenge package includes 30 super nutrient dense meals, the 28 day challenge, my coaching and one on one calls, a year membership of streaming/downloadable fitness classes, customizable meal plans, my ebooks and recipe books, food trackers, and my member exclusive online community. Enrollment cost is 160 and 100% guaranteed. Enroll or inquire for more details at or


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