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My Story

As a Yoga-Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor and Holistic Health Practitioner, I have a deep passion for, and experience in teaching the healing art of healthy living through whole body integrated wellness.  For over a decade I've been studying and teaching Holistic Medicine and Ayurveda, the oldest form of herbal and whole-body medicine still practiced in the world today.  In addition to my expertise in detox and cleansing, I also founded Team Sol Warriors, a team of health advocates and coaches that are helping to change the landscape of health today, by providing our clients the resources, tools, and education necessary to improve their life.  We've been recognized for 5 years in a row as a top ELITE 100 fitness and health coaching team, and our team is constantly growing and expanding.  We're now represented in over 3 countries!

My journey to where I am today involved over-coming my own personal battles with health and fitness.  I opened M*Fit and Health to help women all over the nation build their knowledge of nutrition and get fit from home, so they too can experience optimal wellness and gain confidence.  In 2013 I expanded my online platform beyond blogging to start coaching online in an effort to help more people.  While my blog gets updated far less now as I help my clients and coaches achieve their personal goals, I've kept it up and occasionally post to it so that those who are starting their journey with wellness and high plant based living have an additional resource to get inspirational recipe ideas.  We all start somewhere, and now as the CEO of a multi 6 figure business and a leader to one of the most recognized fitness and wellness teams in our business, my blog serves as a really important reminder that it can take YEARS of passion and HEART WORK to take you to where you want to be.

I'm disciplined in variety of dietary theories and I've healed myself from years of suffering from digestive malaise by using food as medicine and superfood nutrition. I know from personal experience how differing dietary systems, nutritional changes, proper fitness, awareness and education can completely reshape the physical and energetic health structure of your entire body and mind.  

I hope I have the pleasure of meeting you and working with you.  To learn more about our team of coaches and the benefits of being part of our collective CLICK HERE.  Or to join one of my upcoming challenges or program CLICK HERE

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