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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Not All Transformations Are Seen In A Side-By-Side Photo.

Not all transformations are seen in a side-by-side photo.  On the left is who I was 3 years ago as a full time yoga teacher, nutrition educator, and health advocate and on the right is who I am today as a full time Independent Team Beachbody Coach, nutrition educator, and health advocate. Maybe you think I look quite the same...just a little more tired in the first photo.  I suppose I do, and you're totally right (i was exhausted), but you're seeing two totally different women. 

Let me preface my story by saying I loved what i did in the first photo and i loved who i was, i just was tired and feeling stuck in my life.  I love teaching yoga.  I love giving.  I love giving others the tools to heal and help themselves and I love sharing what I've learned through holistic living and my years of education in food as medicine.  It's why I've blogged for 7 years and why I taught yoga full time for 8 years.  

Thing is, when you're stuck, your happiness meter goes way down.  I didn't feel I had solid direction in my life.  I surrounded myself with great people and like-minded yogis, was consistent in my efforts to build my wellness career, but my income wasn't growing no matter how many side jobs and projects I picked up, and as i neared 40 i was wanting more.  I also felt stagnant in my personal fitness and wellness habits.  I suppose most would say i was 'skinny' or 'average', but I didn't feel strong or sexy or excited about what i was doing anymore.  I lost my mojo.  I aired confidence externally but in private you'd know I was insanely insecure, mostly with my physical self.  Plus i was really tired.  I was running from gig to gig to freelance job just to have enough to pay rent.  I was working 60+ hours a week, had no savings, and realized i was in what seemed like a somewhat dead-end (though pretty cool) job.

I've had physical transformations in my life, and my body is always changing and evolving, but the transformation I'm sharing with you today is what happened when I stopped settling for my fears and excuses, and stopped pretending like I was being progressive by talking progressively in my yoga classes.  I do believe you have to put yourself in a teachers role and teach the thing you are working on to keep yourself accountable, but at some point we still have to ask ourselves if what we're teaching is actually what we're doing.  I found that I wasn't. I was teaching self love but practicing self-loathing. 

I found my coach on instagram.  I related to her so I reached out for help and support.  I invested in my health and chose to start coaching because I knew it would put me in the drivers seat and make me take control with a high level of accountability. I committed to going all in, took my first 60 day challenge with her, and I chose to do the ongoing work on myself to overcome my fears & self limiting beliefs.  I embraced coaching as a lifestyle, before I embraced it as a business.  I pushed my limits, took the tough love, said NO to temptations, and stopped settling for my bullshit excuses.  I fully committed to my personal reinvention, no matter how many stumbles or set backs I knew i was going to hit.

It's been three years since i started coaching.  In some respects i do the same thing i've always done as a health and wellness advocate, only now i have a completely different level of accountability, community, mentorship, income and a plug and play system that set me up for successful growth in my coaching/wellness career.  It is what literally took me from stagnation in my fitness and career to being able to find freedom and build a six figure income over time while doing what I love, helping others, and truly putting my health first.  It's introduced me to the mentors and methods that have fostered my physical results and leadership growth & it's provoked my unwavering commitment to work on my health and fitness always.  I no longer loathe myself when I look in the mirror.  Sure, there will always be things that I want to work on, but I'm so grateful to now have a diverse community and team that has taught me to truly embrace where i am at now, while working toward my next goals: mind, body, spirit, and career.

If my story resonates with you, please connect with me.  I read each of my emails every day and answer each one personally.  I'm always here for when you're ready to take the next step in your journey, but why wait any longer?  I have really fun plans for those who are jumping on my 'Badass Babeboss Bootcamp' this fall (an MMA inspired fitness challenge, nutrition plan, my coaching and mentorship, and an amazing community plus a goal setting program that has helped elevate my life).  Email me to simply connect and learn more about coaching, the challenges, and the team, or if you know you want to start your fitness journey on the team CLICK HERE to submit your enrollment today.

{"Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach's income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings located in the Coach Online Office for the most recent information on our Coaches' actual incomes."  Statement of Independent Coach Earnings http://www.beachbodycoach.com/uploads/fckeditor/mdbody/File/downloads/statement_of_independent_coach_earnings.pdf.}

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Adventure Continues: SYSOF | Sol Warriors Leadership Retreat in Puerto Rico

I can hardly believe that three years has gone by since i enrolled as a coach.  I remember the night i was scrolling on instagram and found my coach.  She was this beautiful, outspoken, free spirit that was sharing her journey with yoga, fitness and wellness publicly.  As a women who has been on a life long quest to feel comfortable in her skin, and has been health blogging, teaching yoga and taking countless fitness classes a week, i was immediately attracted to what she was doing and to her transformation story.  Within days of finding her i was enrolled to be a coach like her and start my 60 day fitness challenge with her team of empowering women.  Little did i know it would be the single best decision i've ever made and it would completely reshape my life + career and allow me the opportunity to help more women while providing more freedom.

me and my coach - the woman i found on instagram that helped me get started and is now my business partner

Even though we have completely independent businesses, we work together on the same fitness team, coach women on their health and fitness nationwide, and train others how to open successful online fitness businesses the way we have.  In so, we host monthly trainings and have many graduates of our trainings running full time thriving 5 and 6 figure businesses.  We mastermind as a team, use the same tools, resources, supplements, the same meal plans, and do our continuing education and trainings together so we can continue to learn from each other and from the top experts in our industry.

This is the second year we've held an international Team Leader Retreat exclusively for our coaches.   While we've been to over 7 international bikini clad destinations with our team in the past 3 years, we still like to do an additional bonus trip just for our SYSOF / Sol Warriors Fit Lifestyle Ambassadors living nationwide and in Canada.  We invite our Team Leader Coaches who are living an exemplary life of health, wellness, fitness, and helping others achieve their goals on this expense paid adventure.  It's more or less a rewards trip to give back to our team.  It's extraordinary to be able to take them on a dream vacation, and it's even more stunning that it's simply gifted to them because they did their job.  I have never worked for any other company that rewards you in such a way just for showing up and doing what you're supposed to do.  The icing on the cake is that for all of us coaches, we would do this work even if we weren't paid.  Optimal Wellness and Fitness is simply our passion.

Here's a few more pix from this week in Puerto Rico.  We did everything from swim the waterfalls, hike, surf, snorkel, horseback ride, yoga and workouts, and of course eat amazing food.  We got local fish tacos catered to our beach house, homemade vegan chocolate chip cookies, took the girls out for sushi, gourmet pizzas, healthy salads, superfood smoothies, and hit up the farmers market and fruit stands on a quest for the best tasting Puerto Rican mango.

Click HERE to learn more about coaching and our team.  APPLY HERE to join the team or to connect with me and discuss why it might be a great fit for you.

*While you don't need any experience to coach, i've found that individuals who have a deep passion for fitness and wellness and love inspiring others, and those who are already considered 'influencers' are the ones who have the most fun.  Coaching is perfect for anyone who wants to get in shape with a community of others to heighten their accountability, make friends, stay motivated, or expand their market with an online fitness career.  Especially beneficial for fitness professionals, group fitness teachers, personal trainers, or those who have completed a fitness or health certification.


Friday, September 30, 2016

Powered By Plants: A Real GUT Check

When's the last time you gave your body 21 days straight to let itself heal?

The beautiful thing about your GodPod is that IT WANTS to heal.  A little known fact is that your liver is the only organ in your body that can regenerate itself even after a 50% damage rate.  How amazing is that?  Being that your liver is a VITAL organ for detoxification and it's taking the BRUNT of a lot of what you put in your body, that's pretty remarkable!  

And keep in mind that not everything you put in your body comes in via your mouth and food.  Your skin is actually your largest organ and covered in pores that drink in every chemically fragrant lotion and perfume you put on your skin and every enviromental toxins that you simply can't avoid.  

I don't think anyone really LOVES cleansing.  Someone may talk about their amazing experience on a cleanse, but few people are going to stay on one longer than 21 days because giving stuff up SUCKS.  I mean who wants to give up a hot mug of coffee in the morning, their favorite dinners out with their friends or significant others, and why in the WORLD would you ever give up Kombucha since it's touted as a healing tonic?

I'm the first to admit that even myself as an 'avid cleanser' was NOT super excited to go on this detox voyage and give up the things i LOVE for a whole 21 days, BUT i am also very aware of how important it is to reset your body and allow it to heal.   Truth be told, I've been delinquent on cleansing now for years, and rather i've been taking the easy way out with little 3 day reboots.  Nothing agaist them, they're great, and a fast bandaid to kickstart a program or allow some time for digestive rest.  Problem is they don't really DO what a 21 day detox does.  Still i found myself justifying WHY the 3 day reboots where 'enough'.  Between 'eating clean', practicing healthy habits, and pounding my green juices and superfood smoothies I had PLENTY of reasons why i didn't 'need' to cleanse, but the more i kept hearing my justifications and excuses, the MORE apparant it became to me that i HAD  to let go of my lame excuses and belief that i was doing good enough.  I had to be open to seeing if i might have some new breakthroughs, and simply face my resistance head on and do the thing i didn't want to do.  Little did i know that my experience with this cleanse would have such a profound impact this time around, push me past a plateau, and get me back in touch with my roots of plant based nutrition.  

Did i feel deprived?  No.  I was never hungry or felt empty.  My stomach never rumbled.  Were there times i wished i was eating what my boyfriend was?  Of course.  Were there days i was having an inner conflict over whether i had been doing the cleanse long enough and could sink my teeth into his meal he pulled hot off the barbecue?  Yes.  However, i made it through, and after the 21 days of eating plant based and taking each optimal wellness and detox supplement not only had i seen a physical shift in my body, but i was also elevated in my entire physiology.  My mind was clearer, my eyes more white, my skin had a new glow,  my elimination cycle healthfully increased, AND i had rediscovered my JOY for eating a VERY high plant based alkaline diet extremely limited in lean animal proteins.  I also remembered WHY i don't do dairy.  In my case it lends to massive inflammation in my body.  So in the 21 days of eating my heart out on fruits and veggies and healthy plant based carbs and fats, eliminating ALL animal proteins including all dairy, i lost 6 lbs and i saw a 3 inch reduction in my waistline, an overall leaning and depuffing of my entire physique and a vibrancy i didn't realize i must have lost somewhere along the line of just 'eating clean'.  It's reinspired me to go back to my 'flexitarian' ways, which for me is not regimented or dogmatic, but rather includes only easily digestible proteins for my body and always a high base of vegetable and plant matter.  In my personal case that's primarily fish and eggs and a diet rich in alkalizing greens and green vegetables.

I'm coming off this cleanse completely reset and have a new vitality i didn't realize i was lacking before.  I'm reinspired to make sure 21 day plant based cleanses are a more regular occurrence (2-4 times a year) for full optimal wellness revitilization.  To learn more about it and follow the same program i did and recommend, click HERE.  The program comes with 21 days of supplements, an easy to follow cleanse manual, and superfoods.  Should your order be connected to my website or you message me for support directly, you'll also be added to my online community and get my coaching and guidance free including all of the cleanse recipes i made during the cleanse (some pictured here) that are simple and fast to prepare.  The booklet in and of itself is filled with recipes and exact meals and directions for each day, but for those of you who know me well,  you know i LOVE to go against the grain and create my own bountiful dishes that take zero time to make, but are incredible for your body, mind, and soul.

My methodology for this program: 

All plant based foods
High Raw
Cooked veggies were steamed
Grain free
Daily fats included coconut, nut butter, and avocados
Dressings and condiments included only lemon, tahini, curry spices, cumin, coconut aminos
Daily fruit plates
2 plant based high raw / high greens meals
Vegan Shakeology daily - one scoop
Daily alkaline greens shot
All supplements that come with the program:  detox tonic, probiotics, digestive enzymes, mineral salts, and anti-inflammation herbs

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Take The Beachbody Health Bet: Win part of the 1-3 Million Dollar Pot!

Can you believe it's nearly the end of summer?

As we shift back into our post-summer schedules and life takes on a different rhythm, there are new pressures and temptations that will be meeting us head on.  The isles of our favorite markets will be flooding with sweets and pumpkin and chai flavored treats, and as temperatures fall and the earth cools, we'll naturally start to shift into hibernation mode.  That's why it's so very important that you are taking advantage of these last few weeks of summer RIGHT NOW to utilize the energy of the sun and spirit of the summer season to get in your best shape ever and put yourself and your health FIRST.  There's a saying, you can't pour from an empty cup, and the truth is the burdens that life hands us are so much easier to handle when we are putting ourselves first, respecting our health and regular fitness practices, and fueling our bodies right.  It is in this awareness that the fitness company i work with is launching it's first ever health bet so that YOU get PAID just for working out and following your nutrition plan with me.  

Here's how the Beachbody Health Bet Works and how you'll be rewarded for your fitness:

When you participate in any of my bikini bootcamps, cleanses, or fitness challenges between September 5th, 2016 to October 2nd, 2016, you'll have the option to log your accountability on my ios and droid compatable app.  For those who log their superfood nutrition 5X a week and their fitness 3X a week you'll qualify to automatically win a share of the Beachbody Health Bet pot.  The pot is currently starting at $1,000,000 and Beachbody is adding another $5 for each new client who's getting started this month.  They pot will continue to grow up to $3 MILLION DOLLARS!  Thing is, they need to give all that money out, so it has to go to someone, so why shouldn't it be you?  If you can log your workouts 3 times a week and your nutrition 5 times a week, you WIN.  I know i'll be participating and logging along with all of my clients and challengers!  It's great motivation to work on your health and wellness and just another way that Beachbody is working to end the trend of obesity and help others live healtheir lives in a fun spirited way. 

Is there an investment/any cost?

For some of you perhaps, and for some of you, NO.  It totally depends if you've done a Beachbody program before and if you have Shakeology already.  If you have all you need, then you're ready to rock and all you need to do is reach out to me (or your sponsor coach if it's not me) and ask to be invited into their Beachbody Health Bet.  That said, if you haven't done a challenge before or you need shakeology, then there will be some investment to get enrolled, but i have found my clients work so much harder and get way better results when they had to make an investment in themselves.  That way they took their challenge much more seriously.  

There is one Option Though, where you can earn your investment in your challenge pack back totally free...

Should you be a great fit for our coach team, you will have the option to enroll as a coach where i'll sponsor you into our fit family team and you can earn your investment in your challenge pack back.   How do you do that?  You commit to your health in our team community and you start to help others.  It's as simple as inviting a few friends to get fit with you.  3 Referrals = A Free Challenge for you!  1 Referral means a 33% discount, 2 mean a 66% discount, 3 and it's free.  That all explained, nothing in life is free of course, you will be investing your TIME and ENERGY in your fitness challenge to achieve your desired results in September.  To me, Time and Energy are two of the most important and priceless commodities.

What's Shakeology?

Shakeology has been my elixir, daily health tonic and savior for the past 3 years.  For those of you who have followed my blog and know my story, you know my struggles with food sensitives, digestion and assimilation of nutrients, and my love for fueling my body with superior superfood nutrition.  When i found this supplement i was resistant to try it.  I thought i knew every potent superfood on the market and surely had spent $1000's of dollars on individual superfoods, supplements, green fixes and more.  When i bit the bullet and made the investment in Shakeology, it took me no time to get the results i wanted to get for years.  Just look back as some of my older blogs when i first started on it!  In 60 days of using shakeology with my beachbody challenge i dropped around 10lbs and 10 inches off my size 8-10 soft but shapely yoga physique.  It's why i've now made it a requirement for anyone who wants to take a challenge with me and see real results in bikini bootcamp.  


Ready to rock the Health Bet and figure out which program is best for you?

Start by picking the program that's best for you from the options below.  This month just about everyone of my favorite challenge packs are on sale.  There is something for EVERYONE, no matter your fitness level, but of course if you are unsure what you should pick, fill out the form below to join My Beachbody Health Bet and i'll help you figure out which program is right for you.  All of these challenge packs will come with Shakeology to help you with your cellular health, digestion, nutrition, and to get the results you want.  It's also a requirement to log in our Beachbody Health Bet.  


For a low impact, high sweat, fun, cardio dance inspired workout from the creator of 21 day fix.  Select COUNTRY HEAT AND SHAKEOLOGY CHALLENGE PACK.  This program is LOADS of fun, simple to learn, has you smiling and sweating, and all workouts are 30 minutes.  ($140 / usually $160).  

To dial in your nutrition and fitness with my favorite portion systems and learn how to build lean muscle effectively while leaning out with a National Bikini Competitor and 30 minute workouts choose either THE 21 DAY FIX AND SHAKEOLOGY CHALLENGE PACK, OR THE 21 DAY FIX EXTREME AND SHAKEOLOGY CHALLENGE PACK.  (both $140/ usually $160)  

If you're short on time, love Tony Horton, want a military inspired workout that will kick your rump in 22 minutes flat choose 22 MINUTE HARDCORPS AND SHAKEOLOGY CHALLENGE PACK ($140/ usually $160).  

To get variety of all these workouts and more and access a HUGE library of streaming workouts, cooking tutorials, and still get the portion system and all my exclusive member benefits including my personalized meal plans for quick slim downs, choose  CLUB AND SHAKEOLOGY CHALLENGE PACK. ($140).  

For a low impact, high burn, barefoot strength and balance class that infuses moves from yoga, pilates, and helps you build strength and stability and lean muscle tone choose  PIYO AND SHAKEOLOGY CHALLENGE PACK ($140/ usually $160)

For High Intensity, cardio rich, no weight workouts from the creator of Insanity, do the program i'm doing now which is INSANITY MAX 30 AND SHAKEOLOGY CHALLENGE PACK.  ($180). 

To enroll in the health bet with my late summer at home wellness cleanse and at home yoga retreat, choose ULTIMATE RESET AND SHAKEOLOGY CHALLENGE PACK (and select the VEGAN shakeology for this program / $275)




or fill out this form to enroll for My Beachbody Health Bet:



Thursday, May 12, 2016

#WIDN: Summer Slimdown

Yesterday someone asked me about my exact diet & workout routine.  I had posted this photo in my bikini and my leaned out waistline caught the attention of quite a few friends and followers.  

First, you should all know that i don't 'diet'.  I follow my Bikini Bootcamp meal guide & eat what feels good in my body & aligns with my goals.  For me, as someone who suffers from a lot of food sensitivities that also means eliminating gluten, soy, and most dairy.  You can access my exact meal guide and the fitness program i follow through my bikini bootcamp community and get more details on my website HERE or contact me to learn about my newest upcoming Mfit Challenge. 

So i thought i'd share the only things I'm really doing differently right now, which i feel are helping me lean down:
✔️The performance line RECHARGE. I really think this has a lot to do with it. I've been mixing Recover in with my shakes but ran out so started on Recharge (I had it & wasn't using it, so silly of me). So now I'm mixing a half scoop with my Shakeology AND adding in a half scoop of Digestive Health Boost
✔️Digestive Health Boost: I'm lactose intolerant so dairy based supplements usually wreck havoc on my digetion and elimination cycles. I haven't had any problems so I'm assuming the fiber is in Digestive Health is helping, but also I think my body just reacts to the formulation of Recharge better than Recover (which is odd because they are very similar, but whatever I'm just sharing what I'm noticing).
✔️ double workouts 3-4x a week. When I say doubles I DO NOT usually do two 30 minute workouts back to back... RATHER I break it up into bite size pieces that in my mind make it more simple to complete and more fun. Usually I start with my full 30 minute workout & will either add 10 min abs and another 15-18 minute workout in or another low impact 15-25 min workout in that day, but I don't necessarily stack them.
✔️ kombucha over wine/sake. Some of you know I have a weakness for wine & sake. I actually don't drink wine that much anymore cuz it makes me feel shite next day but I eat sushi a lot and so sake usually comes with that for me. I still have it occasionally, but not as often as before, and if I want a drink at night (when my boyfriend is having a beer) then I have kombucha. Also when I eat sushi out I get sashimi, no rice hand rolls, & protein rolls, but I've always done that, just wanted to share.
✔️ Lastly I cut back on adding fruit to my smoothies/shakes-- they are plenty thick with the Preformance line & already sweet so it was just unnecessary sugars and calories. I do splash some cold brew coffee in my shakes which tastes awesome and gets me perky.

Hope these things help you out. I've definitely seen a difference especially since adding in the Preformance line so I wanted to share. Oh and for those of you that are women that already get that line of supplements I do NOT recommend creatine unless you want to get bulky, just stick to energize, recover, recharge (hydrate is fine too, I just don't use it to keep my sugars lower).

Learn more about Bikini Bootcamp, Join our Next Challenge, or just reach out to get support: mfitandhealth@gmail.com

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Hot Chocolate for Health Nuts

Anytime it rains or gets cold i immediately want a cup of hot chocolate.  I'm sure it's my inner child that grew up sipping nestle's chocolate quik and carnation instant breakfast every morning from a bendy straw.  

I've learned a lot over the years from studying holistic health, working with superfoods, and researching cacao and clearly know that Nestle's is no way to start my day (or any child's day for that matter), but still there is something about chocolate for me that makes it a food that will forever be an elixer that gives me comfort and completes a good day.  It's so good to know that there are now reliable and healthy sources for quality cacao and cacao based supplements to help you get comfort from fuel that will actually serve a real need in your body.

I drink Shakeology daily.  I generally drink the Vegan Chocolate since i'm lactose intolerant, but i do enjoy a little of the Beachbody Recover Preformance Line which does have dairy in it.  It helps with my post workout muscle recovery and i've found combining it with my vegan shakeology not to be too overwhelming for my very sensitive digestion.  Shakeology isn't meant to be heated since there are a lot of heat sensitive ingredients like probiotics and digestive enzymes, but if you do it right you can continue to get a ton of nutrient density without compromising the nature of it.   Plus this is the best tasting hot cacao i've ever had! 

Recipe and instructions below. 

You'll Need:

1 cup of coconut milk
1/2 cup of water
optional splash of cold brew coffee concentrate

First blend all the ingredients in a blender.  Transfer to a small pot and heat over medium to high head stirring the entire time.  Keep the liquid moving so that nothing stays on heat source too long.   Heat until it lightly starts to steam, or til you dip a finger in and it's just hotter than comfortable for your finger.  Pour into a mug and serve. 


Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Goal Digger Breakfast + Easy Meal Prep

I'm on the precipice of my 40th birthday, and i'll be DAMNED if i can't prove all the ladies wrong that have been telling me "there is just something that happens at 40 - it's just not as easy as it used to be to lose weight".  Well i don't know about you, but 'easy' and 'lose weight' were NEVER two thoughts that went into the same sentence for me, no matter what age i was.

It was NOT easy to do weight watchers, count points, and be freaking HUNGRY all the time.  I was NOT easy when i would wake up at 5am to spin for an hour then come home and jog before work.  It was NOT easy when i Turbo-Jammed by heart out in my living room and pushed myself outside my comfort zone.  It was NOT easy when the yoga teacher told me to hold postures, get deeper,  and turned up the heat.  It was NOT easy when i put in T25 and kicked higher and harder, and dropped lower than ever in my squats.  It was NOT easy to cut the drinking, to change my hunger cycles, and to create new habits.  NONE OF IT WAS OR IS EASY!!!  

RATHER i think what happens by the time you're 40 is you're so set in your stinking ways and you are quick to justify your excuses so you can keep on 'keeping-on doing' those things you love with those people you love.  And yes, those little things (i.e., cocktails, treats, snacks, brunch-eouns, dinners out, etc) here and there DO matter if there is no SCIENCE to your plan.

I see all too often individuals who are 'low carb', 'keto', 'paleo', 'mostly vegan', etc and they follow their plan monday - wednesday and somewhere around thursday a few things slip in and by the weekend it's 'okay' to have a few cheats.  I'm not saying 'cheats or treats' or whatever you want to call them are not okay, but if you're following a low sugar plan to get results and you add sugar YOU WILL NOT GET RESULTS.  If you are following a high fat plan and then carb out, YOU WILL NOT GET RESULTS, if you are vegan but eating all processed vegan foods and celebratory vegan treats YOU WILL NOT GET RESULTS.   Not to mention having 'dietary' success only monday through wednesday is under a 50% success rate over your entire week.

There is a BIG difference between being 'healthy for the most part' or 'paleo-ish', or 'vegan-ish',  then 'being on a program that will help you reach your goals', and that plan does not have to look imbalanced, but it will be disciplined if you want to lose fat.  The plan i follow does not "OUT" any food groups.  It "OUTS" shit like alchohol and cake cuz let's be real if you're drinking alcohol and eating cake you're not REALLY trying that hard to lose weight (remember "easy" and "lose weight" never fit in the same sentence).

Anyway, i digress.  I started writing this morning to share with you my food prep and breakfast for when i'm UBER serious about leaning down like i am right now (30 days out from my next bikini clad adventure, and 40 days out from my 40th birthday).  Generally breakfast on my slim down plan is going to be something like: protein, veggie, fat, optional small serving of starch.  So that could be egg white scrambles with veggies made in a non stick served with avocado and a few slices of sweet potatoes.....

Or it could be something like today's which took me UNDER 2 minutes to assemble because all of the food was pre-made from my food prep this week. 

(chicken, broccoli, avocado, pico de gallo, lemon, sea salt)

It starts with having the right plan, the right list of foods to pick from, the right recipes, AND what i find MOST important is doing Food Prep Weekly.  I actually do mine twice a week.  Here was my prep this week, you can also watch a short video of my typical prep HERE.  I gerenally supplement in with shakeology, fresh fruit, and occasional meals or dinner out with Andy (it's usually sushi and i get sashimi to keep it super clean). 

🔸chicken tenders (squeeze lemon cook at 400 degrees ten min or so till done) then chop (I cut with kitchen scissors) 
🔸steamed green beans 

🔸 steamed broccoli 
🔸 roasted or steamed chopped or sliced sweet potatoes (steaming is super fast but today I roasted with coconut oil)
🔸sliced raw bell peppers
🔸 hard boiled eggs 
🔸other things I have on hand
such as....avocado, lemon, sea salt, fresh herbs (basil, cilantro, thyme), pre-washed greens (spinach), tomatillo salsa, cashew milk & frozen cherries (for shakeology), bananas + coconut flour (for shakeology protein pancakes), shakeology boosts (digest, power greens, focused energy), BB Preformance recover & energize, chia seeds, hempseeds, almonds/almond butter, coconut oil, balsamic & rice vinegar & coconut aminos

To learn more about the programs and meal guides i use and coach with, or to connect with me about my transformation journey, message me HERE.  Alternately dive right in and start your 21 day Challenge with me TODAY.

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