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Saturday, September 21, 2013

From Food To Fitness: 60 Day Fitness Challenge

It's said that what you focus on expands.  That which you put your attention on will grow in your life.  So ask yourself,

"Is what I'm focusing on what I 
want to watch grow? " 

As you know I've been blogging about food here for years, but my true passion is coaching others to live a healthy lifestyle while embracing a better diet and regular fitness regime.  In an effort to bring my focus into that which i'd like to see expand and to help me get back to my desired physique I've started a 60 day fitness challenge.  My personal physical transformation started 7 years back when i did a fitness challenge very similar to the one I'm in now.  I managed to shed 25 pounds and improve my confidence and energy levels.  Along with this significant weight loss I embraced an upgraded diet and became more 'mindful' about how i was eating.  In the process i learned which foods affected me, which foods were my 'trigger' foods (that made me crave more), and really wrapped my mind around what processed food is and how it effects us. 

Here's a photo of what i looked like before starting my health journey (btw, i did every diet out there and exercised and still was 'curvy').  It's one of the few photos i have left.  I was so uncomfortable with how i looked that i got rid of most of my photos (ridiculous i know).  The second pic is clearly after losing the 25 lbs.

I still struggle with my weight despite the fact that i work out, eat well, and take care of myself. That said, I know i can do better than i'm currently doing. It's been years since i TRULY embraced a fitness commitment like the challenge I'm now in.  I've gained some weight back and would like to tone up and get to my best shape, and that's exactly what this fitness challenge is helping me do.

While i'll still post healthy recipes here (cuz you know a hungry girl's gotta eat), I'm turning my focus from food to fitness.  I'm getting back on track physically to push through my plateaus and i encourage you to do the same (I'm a little heavier now than the 'after' photo above).  I'll post my journey here.  It's scary, to put myself out there, to be vulnerable and trust that the results will come, but in choosing to do this i just remind myself:

What i achieve physically is not as 
important as who i become in the 
process of reaching my goals.  

Plus, i've watched many of my friends and fellow challenge companions transform their bodies and lives, irregardless of age, gender, starting weight, etc.  I'll post photos of my transformation at 30 days and again at 60 days.  I can't think of any better way to show up in my life than by completing a hugely transformative program that helps me reach my ultimate goals.

Now i'll turn the questions I've been asking myself on you:

Are you ready to embrace transformation?  Are you ready to play your edge, challenge your body, and silence your mind when it creates self-defeating illusive limitations?  Are you ready to get stronger or get rid of your trouble zones, and be inspired and supported to reach your health and fitness goals?  Do you need a supportive community or want to be a coach to help others find their best self and reach their ultimate goals?

to stay motivated and watch my progress

Do this challenge with me if you are ready to make wild transformations in your body and mind.  Contact me if you want to learn how to help/coach others to reach their goals in the process.  There is no better way to stay on track, get inspired, and learn to help others than to be a part of this supportive community and dedicate 25 minutes a day to the workouts we do in this Challenge Group.  

Contact me to enroll and I'll send you a private invitation for my coaching/support pages so you can connect with me and my motivating coaching community.  You'll also get a package of one of the super foods i'm using to help boost my energy and lean me down, an option to have a meal plan created for you, the workouts of course, and i'll be your coach through the process along with the support of the entire community that is part of this challenge.  You immediately will have access to a large support group to help answer all of your questions, inspire you, hold you accountable, and take you to the next level.  Best of all, the workouts are generally 30 minutes or less so NO EXCUSES, they can be done in the comfort of your own home.  

The time is now.  I do not charge a coaching fee, i'm simply here to help you reach your goals as my coaches have done for me in the past.  Coaching and educating is truly my passion and why i've been blogging for so many years now! There is no better way to do this than with a strong community.  I hope you join my challenge.  Ask me about it any time.  

You can also use Facebook to contact me, learn more about the programs, the opportunity to be a coach and lead your own fitness challenge, or simply to enroll.


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