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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Oooooh, My Ache'n _____(insert organ or condition here): A Juicer's Reference For Therapuetic Fruits & Veggies

So you're embarking on a cleanse, you bought a juicer, and you've decided that you are either going to juice fast or at least add some cleansing and nutrient dense fruits and veggie juices to your diet. Only trouble now is that you're not sure what to juice. Use this quick view reference list to pick which produce will aid in cleansing specific organs or conditions. Get creative combining produce to cleanse various body systems. Consider watering down your beverages. While this may dilute the flavor, it also lessens the concentration of sugars in the juice and stretches your produce dollars!

LIVER cleansers: Lemon, Apple, Beets and Beet Greens, Wheat Grass, Radish, & Watercress

GALLBLADDER cleansers: Lemon, Pear, & Beet Greens

KIDNEYS: Parsley, Celery, Citrus, & Watermelon

INTESTINES/COLON: Apple, Wheat Grass, Potatoes, Grape, Ginger, & Black Cherry

BLOOD: Beets, Burdock, Parsley, & Watercress

STOMACH & INDIGESTION: Papaya, Parsley, Lemon, Peppermint & Ginger

ANEMIA: Grape, Spinach, Watercress, & Wheat Grass

ARTHRITIS: Pineapple, Parsley, Carrots, Ginger, and Beets

COLDS: Lemon, Watercress, Ginger and Garlic

VARICOSE VEINS: Citrus & Parsley

EDEMA (Inflammation/Swelling): Pineapple, Watermelon, Parsley, & Cucumber

MENSTRUAL PROBLEMS: Black Cherry, Beets, & Parsley

GOUT: Black Cherry

SKIN/ECZEMA: Greens/Spinach

BAD BREATH: Greens/Wheat Grass

OSTEOPOROSIS: Beet Greens, Carrots, & Celery

DIABETES: Cucumber, Celery, Garlic, & Jerusalem Artichoke

CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE: Lemon, Citrus, Greens, and Garlic


HIGH FATS: Garlic & Radish

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