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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Holiday Stressin'? : Don't Hate...Create. Tap Into Your Inner Artist

It's the 13th of December...only a week and a half away from Christmas. When did december sneak up on me? And where did the year go??? Gosh...I was still trying to get started on my new years resolution from january 2009! Uh-Oh. Oh Well on the bright side, at least i don't have to think up a new one for this year!

This has been a tough year for most everyone i know, many feeling the effects of our economic struggles in one way or other. Of course this makes gift buying even harder. I have found that making gifts every year for my close friends and loved ones has been a money saver, a fun form of self expression, and is always humbly enjoyed by the reciever. These homemade gifts might be baked goods, knitted or sewn scarves, homemade candles, or like last year, a home-made herbal salve. This year i decided to make home-made holiday cards. Not only is this a great way to relax, tap into your creativity, and create some art, its also a gift in itself when you personalize the cards for the individuals who will be receiving them. I stopped by "The Paper Source" shop and bought some basic beige cards and holiday colored envelopes, a sharpee, a couple stamps, and a dye based ink pad. Cut to Sunday morning - a devoted, fun, tunnel visioned few hours of creating artful and thoughtful holiday cards for me' loved ones. Not only did i have a great time doing it, it was the perfect creative release helping to offer a little relaxation amongst all the holiday mayhem. If you are reading this thinking ' I CAN NOT DRAW TO SAVE MY LIFE! ' No need to sweat it...this is the beauty of stamps! You can arrange the images differently on each card and add your own handwriting for a unique personalized touch. And if you can draw but have trouble seeing in your mind the lines you want to put on paper, have your laptop nearby and google images of what you want. Try your hand at it first on a scrap piece of paper until you make it your own and you're well on your way.

This is a great project to do with a group of friends or your children. Whether it's designing cards over afternoon tea, an evening glass of vino, or while you are waiting together for your big batch of holiday cookies to cool so you can decorate, you'll have a great time sharing ideas and laughing with your favorite people. Plus this way, you can consider splitting any costs for materials with your friends!

Have fun with your projects and happy holidays!

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