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Saturday, February 27, 2010

No Sweat Sweets, Healthy Dessert In Under 10 Minutes: Amaretto Truffle Balls

Here's a super quick - super food rich decadency that you can make in under 10 min. Perfect for last minute dinner guests or invites, or an instant gratifying treat that you can whip up after dinner. Best part about it - it's all RAW - yeah baby. R..A..W! Even though it's a rich treat, you still get all the amazing antioxidant and nutrient qualities that the raw cacao and gojis offer. YUM. Here's the recipe:

all you need is a food processor and these few ingredients:

1/8 cup almonds
1/8 cup whole cacao beans (you can substitute nibs)
1/4 cup dried goji berries
1/4 cup raisins
sea salt to taste
1/2 - 1 tsp agave
1/8 tsp organic almond extract
1 tbsp powdered cocao or shredded dried coconut for outer coating (powdered cocoa pictured)

Toss the almonds and cacao beans into the food processor. Process them down to smaller pieces. Add the gojis, raisins, a couple cranks of coarse sea salt, a drizzle of agave (about 1/2 a tsp), and the smallest amount of almond extract (a little goes a LONG way). Continue to process in the FP until it turns into sticky granules. Taste. You Like?'s done..You don't?...Tweak...add more salt, agave, or gojis, or cacao get it. Spoon out the sticky dough and roll into small balls. Roll the small balls into the cocao powder or shredded coconut. Done! Now eat em' up! Makes about 7 small balls.

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