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Monday, May 31, 2010

Anthropology Step Aside! DIY: Terrarium Makin'

Nothing fulfills me more than getting my hands involved in a project. Whether it's cookie dough kneading, making jewelry, sewing or knitting, or in this case making terrariums, tapping into your creativity and staying focused on an afternoon craft session is sure to soothe the soul and allow you to escape the traffic that clutters our minds. Terrariums are a thing of the past, that is (like all other things of the past) cool again...and for good reason. These things are rad! Terrariums are little mini eco-systems, or rather (like how i made them) little fantasy or wonderlands. I've seen them in the anthropology catalog selling for over $100...and while i want one of these in my house, i simply can not justify spending that much on a plant....especially with my lack of green thumb. So enter afternoon project - learning to make a terrarium!

In an effort to do this on the cheap i hit up sunday's Kobe Flea Market for some trinket and glass jar/bowl finds. I would definitely encourage you to thrift for your jars. Not only will you walk away spending only a buck or two, but it'll have more character and personality than what you'd find at a larger retail shop. After a couple of garden shop stops to pick up ferns, succulants, moss, and the other goods i made my way to my project table to get the terrarium makin' underway.

Here are the steps for making a terrarium:

Start with a glass vase/jar/bowl. If you are using succulents make sure you do not close off the top, but if you are using ferns and mosses feel free to find a cloche or a glass jar with a top.

first layer is pebble/gravel - this is for drainage since there are no holes in the bottom of the container.

next layer is finely ground activated charcoal

next layer is regular potting soil for the ferns, or cactus soil if you are using succulents.

Your jar should now be about 1/4 filled up

Add an optional layer of moss.

Then plant your desired plants/succulents. Found trinkets can make it a real wonderland.

Add a shot of water or a mist of water. Water minimally as they don't drain.

And there you have it! Pix below of the completed project.


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