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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thanks Bryan, You're A Peach!: Peachy Green Smoothie Recipe

This morning, a friend of mine (a fellow yoga instructor and practitioner, and one of my loyal students) Bryan Sampson, brought me a bag of fresh ripe peaches from his orchard/farm. Along with, he brought sweet and scrumptious homemade jarred peach jam. YUM! I'm in Peach Heaven! But, what to do with my bag of fresh peaches? Savor them one by one??? Create a delicious pie??? or maybe....add them daily to my green smoothies!

Into the kitch we go to get our daily dose of green on. Today's recipe i'll call Peachy Green. Peaches are in season through summer, and as you can see i've already had some AMAZING juicy fruits, so get to your farmers market for a bag of your own. These fab fruits are relatively low in calories. O
ne small peach will cost you about 30 calories, a larger one about 60. They are packed with Vitamin A (in the form of beta carotene), and of course that fuzzy skin holds a wealth of antioxidants. The fiber in peaches acts as a gentle laxative, aiding digestion, making it a great food to start your day with. Check out this recipe for a delicious green smoothie rich in iron and potassium:

Peachy Green Smoothie:

2 small pitted peaches (or one medium-large), leave skin on
1 ripe banana
1 good handful of spinach (or your favorite leafy green choice)
5 ice cubes
6 oz. water
a couple drops of vanilla extract
(i added a tsp of maca to mine for extra energy, and a pinch of sea salt to offset sweetness)
If your fruit is not quite as sweet feel free to sweeten your smoothie with a pinch of stevia or a fresh pitted mejool date

Throw all contents in the blender and let 'er rip.

Pour and enjoy.



  1. Excellent recipe! I will try it very soon.

    I have found this site which has a whole lot of really good smoothie recipes.

  2. Hi great post-yum love peaches in green smoothies-not in season here at the moment but I buy a heap and puree / freeze in summer for green smoothies. I love green smoothies-changed my life- makes you want to convert everyone!
    I was so inspired I started blogging too- Jane


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