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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Calling All Chocolate Lovers: Pure Chocolate Stone Ground Without Dairy Or Additives

ChocoVivo is a purest's dream come true!  I can not thank your hands enough for preparing such a glorious REAL chocolate experience for the masses.  You Guys...This is pure chocolate!   Handcrafted straight from the bean...and WHOW!!! One bite and you're in ChocoVivo heaven!

as packaged - buy at LA farmer's market's for $5 or go to their website and order

As you might know from reading my past blog's, i'm not one to write about a 'product'.  Tis not my thang.  However, this really impressed me and i absolutely think it's worth sharing....especially for you chocolate lovers...double especially for you folks that don't do dairy...and triple especially for those of you who are all about cacao nibs.

back of package disclaimer, zoomed in below

here's what it says:

it should really read, "Caution.  You will fall in love.  This chocolate leads to addiction."

So what's so great about this you ask?  OH, where do i start?  First off,  if you happen to be at one of the farmer's markets in LA where you can buy this, you'll meet the hands that made the bar (don't worry, if not, you can order online: ).   Second, this is 100% whole bean chocolate.  She uses no extra crap:  There are no fillers, flavorings, soy lecithin, milk powder, or additional cocoa butter (only what's in the beans).  Third, the beans are specially fermented, organically grown, and fair-trade.  It's stone-ground fresh on a weekly basis (talk about workmanship!).  Fourth, YOU CAN TASTE THE LOVE AND THE PURE CHOCOLATE IN THIS BAR.  It's minimally processed (they don't temper, conch, or further refine the chocolate which decreases it's nutrient value.) It's like no chocolate experience i've had.  The texture is very different since there isn't dairy and lecithin.  The flavor is robust, and they offer many flavors made with whole food sources like coffee, vanilla, cinnamon, chipotle, etc.  Our fave was coffee vanilla, but close second was the mayan tradition, which was cinnamony and spicy.'s what you get when you unwrap the paper:

As you unwrap it, you'll find multiple thin crumbly bars in a plastic wrapper.

Once you take it out of the plastic here's the choco:


Each bar is good for about 2 months.  Like anything that's fresh, it has a shelf life.  The chocolate lasts a year, but the flavors start to die after 2 months time.  I don't expect mine to make 2 months, let alone 2 days, without being devoured....and enjoyed thoroughly.

For more info on this incredible chocolate and which farmer's markets to find it at, visit

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