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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Holy CSA Box!: Fruit & Veggie Lovers Git' Giddy On This!

Holy Moly! I'm so loving that i signed up for a CSA!  CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  With a CSA you are sponsoring a farm so that it has money to run, and in exchange you get their produce.  I chose to do mine with Garden of Eden Organics and couldn't be happier with them!  I of course opted for the largest CSA box that The Garden of Eden farm offered (for a family of 4+), however, it's really only to feed me....and to a lesser degree my boyfriend.  While he LOVES all the amazing produce from the farm, I am who he calls the "Caterpillar":  A serious threat to any gardner as i am capable of mowing my way through the greens in no time!

For a sponsorship of $164 per month (so $41 smackaroos a week) every week i pick up a huge bundle of produce (plus they always give out freebies).  If you only need to feed yourself or a smaller family you could opt for a smaller box, which of course, would be a much smaller sponsorship fee.

In my box today (including the 2 freebies they gave me of 1 red lettuce head and 5 passionfruits) i received:

2 heads red lettuce
3 GIGANTIC leeks
1 bag of spinach
1 bunch of rosemary
a big bag of yellow/orange cherry tomatoes
2 orange grapefruit hybrids
2 huge reed avocados
5 passionfruits
a bag of dates (so amazing!)
a bag of green beans
a bag of red potatoes
and a bag mixed with pluots (6) and whole bunch of small gold apples.

Are you kidding me????  you couldn't get that much organic produce at any market or farmer's market that cheap!  Plus, it's all farm fresh local and seasonal.  The best part is they do their best to mix it up every week so you don't get the same stuff.  The only thing i got that was the same as last week are the dates (which are so amazing i would have had to buy them if they didn't supply them in the box).  Last week i got sorrel, chard, cilantro, romaine, 3 huge zuchinis, a big bag of apples, a big bag of oranges, 2 avos, a bag of little red tomatoes, 4 onions, a bunch of jalapenos, and...hmmm...i don't remember what else because there is no evidence of it left in the kitch (caterpillar attacked it all!).

If you haven't already looked into signing up for CSA in your area, i would highly recommend it.  If you live in San Diego, look into Garden of Eden Organics, or ask at your favorite produce stands at your local farmer's market.


  1. I love you caterpillar! Thanks for all your encouragement! Always! Caitlin your caterpillar in the making!

  2. I discovered you through my yoga teacher (Maria) and love this synchronicity! I just began getting CSA's weekly box of goodies too! :D Love your posts and will enjoy following your blog! Thank you! ~Tammy~


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