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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Passionfruit & The Fall Green Smoothie

 First off i must say that other than being familiar with the flavor of passion fruit from bottled juices i had growing up, I'd NEVER actually tried the real deal whole Passion Fruit before.  What had i been waiting for all these years?  These suckers are AMAZING, sooo flavorful, and are a great source of Vitamin A and C.  They are in season now, so head to your farmer's market and see if you can score yourself some of these bad boys.  They are oval, small to medium sized fruits with a purplish hue and lots of wrinklies.  The outer skin is thick and inedible.  Cut one through the center and squeeze or spoon out the seedy, yellow pulp and this is where all the glory is found!  A little passion fruit flavor goes a long way, as it really does have a strong unique, tropical flavor.

this is the numm-a-lish center that you can spoon out and eat
 So i've been on this green smoothie kick for some time now, and without fail every time my friends and clients try them, they get addicted to these amazing and nutrient dense energizing drinks as well.  It's such a great way to get a healthy dose of greens into your diet, that might otherwise be void of the overwhelming benefits of green foods.  It's now a mandatory part of the morning routine here at my pad.  Not just for me, but if i'm not at the blender with the produce in the morning, my boyfriend starts to ask questions hinting at 'if and when' his green drink might appear.

To keep our bodies in harmony with nature, it's always important to eat with the season.  Being so, the fruits in your green drinks should be rotating throughout the year.  Here's this fall's knockout green drink Numero Uno!  Enjoy!

Green Passion Smoothie:

1 passion fruit, cut in half and use pulpy center
1 valencia orange, peeled
1 banana, peeled
5 oz baby spinach (if you are a bag spinach user, this is about one bag)
4 ice cubes
6 oz water

blend and enjoy


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