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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

DIY Lantern Makin': Used Glass Jars Make Simple Gifts

Mason jar lanterns are a super easy and uber cheap DIY gift idea, as well as a sweet addition bringing more mood lighting into your boudoir, home, or yard.  All you'll need is clean glass jars of various sizes, tealight candles, scissors, and about 3 feet of roping of choice per jar (i used a suede rope but a thick hemp would work.  You could also use a heavy gauge wire if you have wire wrapping tools).

*Take a piece of the 3 ft rope at one end and loosely wrap it around the jar mouth, just above the bottom lip.

*Gently tie it in a half knot (same as the first step in tying your shoes) leaving about two inches on either end of the strings coming off the knot.

*Snip the remainder of the roping from the end still attached to the other few feet of rope.  This extra long roping you've just snipped will be the hanger.

*Create an upside down U shape with this long roping by weaving either end of it UNDER the rope you gently tied around the lip (both ends need to be directly across from one another so that it hangs balanced).  Leave both ends of this rope long enough to hang down lower than the jar.

*Now tighten the rope around the lip really good and knot it again (so it's now in a full knot)

*Make sure the U shape (hanger) is as long as you'd like it and that it will hang balanced.  take the rope hanging down on either side and simply knot it over itself and let the strings hang, or trim them up a bit.

*Insert a tea candle.  Hang and light.

These look great outside tied to tree branches and create the perfect ambiance for a yard party or to add glow to a snowy yard on Christmas night.


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