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Monday, January 3, 2011

Post Holiday Revival: 30 Day Challenge, Detox, & Cleanse Approved Recipe!

You survived the holidays with minimal body damage done, and have made a few new year resolutions.  Perhaps one of the resolutions is to take better care of yourself, your body, your diet, or to lose a couple pounds.  Maybe it's just to be 'good' in january to help the body process some of the acidity from all the holiday spirits and foods.  This is all fine and well, but who is holding you accountable for your resolution?  Have you created a time-line and plan on how you'll meet your goals?  Have you set stepping stones along the way that will track your progress?  Have you thought about how you'll even get started?  Consider starting your year with a 30 day challenge to yourself and detox.  It's said it takes 30 days to make or break a habit.  Take the next 30 days to challenge yourself to dig deeper into your yogic journey, to add in variety to your workouts, to start hiking with friends, to embrace a whole foods diet, to start and write daily in a journal, and to take the time to lay out your plan of attack to reach your goal(s).  To help you in your challenge, I'll be hosting 3 two hour nutrition lectures at Sculpt Fusion Yoga in Carmel Valley on Sundays January 9, 16, and 23.

Some of you reading this might have already started your personal challenge, or are shifting into detox mode, and for those of you who are, you'll be pleased to know the recipe i'm posting is Cleanse Approved!  This recipe has no dairy, salt, soy, gluten, sugar, or processed foods.  It's also RAW, VEGAN, and will take about 5 minutes to make if you have a food processor.  While it's even better with Tamari (salt), you can omit it and still create a delicious cleanse approved lunch.

Veggie Wraps:

3 large purple cabbage leaves to use as your wraps
½ cup florets broccoli
½ cup florets cauliflower
1 small carrot
1 zucchini
chopped red onion to your liking (a couple tbsp)
1/3 - 1/2 an avocado
½ a lemon squeezed
cumin to your liking
drizzle flax oil (about 1/2- 1tsp)
drizzle Apple Cider Vinegar (about 1/2- 1tsp)
optional drizzle of  tamari (1 tsp), omit tamari if you are cleansing to avoid salt

Put all the veggies (except cabbage, onion, avocado, and lemon) through the food processor with a shredding disk.  Toss this into a bowl, add the chopped onion, and dress with the ½ lemon, ACV, flax oil, cumin, tamari, and mash in the ½ avocado.  Scoop into cabbage leaves and roll up like a wrap or taco.



  1. Looks good!! I'll be making these soon!

  2. Wow this food is looking amazing.Good diet is very much important for detox cleanse.


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