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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Less Eating, More Crafting: What I'm Making Now.

Helloooooo out there!  So i've been a little absent lately on me ol' blog for good reason: I've gone into production mode.  Jewelry making has been a hobby of mine for longer than i care to speak of, and though i often toss it aside to focus on my career, lately i've been heavily drawn back to it with this incredible need to speak to my creative side.  So while i still eat, and while i still love to talk about FOOD, i haven't been photo crazy on my meals because my mind has been tunneled on my next crafty adventure.  AND here i am sharing with you what i'm making lately.  (Yes, there will be a foodie recipe too, don't fret).

Right now i'm into copper and i'm loving hammering the wire, wrapping it, adding it to other textures, and just being creative.

Let me know what you think of these few weekend pieces.  Should i finally open my Etsy webpage?  (I registered years ago, but never posted on it.  I tend to like what i'm doing when i'm doing it, then cut myself short when it's time to make sales - marketing myself is definitely not my forte).

Okay...enough about my crafty side...Let's talk food...cuz that's why you're really here, right?  I have so many things to post about, however today we'll talk about 'stretching your juice'.

I love juicing.  I love starting my day with a nutrient dense, enzymatically alive beverage that makes me feel amazing.  Green juice does this for me.  Our garden is growing greens like mad and i've gotten some amazingly HUGE organic beets from my CSA that were beckoning to be pressed into a sweet beverage.  Done and done.  

"I juiced deeeeelicous red beet, and you too my bright green kale, but now what am i to do with this meesley 8 oz of juice you produced when i want to enjoy you all morning in a big ol' mason jar that will supply me wth 30+oz of liquid to keep me hydrated and happy?"

answer: filler' up with coco water!

Coconut water...the amazing yummy beverage that i shared with you back in August (click here to read all the amazing bene's of coco water).  Coconut water not only makes your juice taste even more amazing, but it offers you a lot of electrolytes for very little sugar which is great if you are like me and spend much of your time in a hot and sweaty environment.  Now, pure coconut water from the coconut would be choice, however the price of these delicacies has been skyrocketing lately so your next best bet will be packaged coco water.  I've tried many of these, and they mostly all suck.  They don't taste like coconut water, and i'm not sure how many of the nutrients they rave about are still there after it's been pasteurized, however, i have found ONE brand that makes a pretty tasty and decent beverage, and it's this one i use to fill my jar to stretch my juice.  The brand is ONE....ironic...since it really is the only  one that i've tasted that actually tastes like coco water.

All you juice luvah's out there go get yourself some ONE juice.  Press your veggies then fill ur jar with this stuff.  My morning juice looks something like this:  5 stalks celery, 1 large red beet, handful of kale, one lemon, one navel orange, and coco water.   So good.

Now you tell me...What's in your jar????

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  1. Mere, love the jewelry! (Especially the bracelets!) & the ring is totally gorgeous, great skills you have! Can I place my order now? :)


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