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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mid Week Cleanse: Detox To Retox

my pup always reminds me to stop and smell the roses!
Oh Lordy...June is already proving to be quite a celebratory month for this little Gemini.  Not only am i faced with birthdays from all my cosmic twins (which it seems i have a lot of), but i've got bachelorettes, weddings, weekends away with my beau, and all sorts of wild adventures happening throughout the month.

Last weekend we melted poolside in palm springs.  It was super hot...super fab...super retro...and super celebratory.  We celebrated my birthday and our 4 year anniversary. 
 Del Marco's ooh-la-la so retro chic!

 Notice the mimosa aside Whole Living magazine.  Getting our Vitamin D and C poolside with a great read.
 Every issue of Whole Living has a page of thoughts they call "10 thoughts on whole living".  These quotes are always inspirational or reflective.  My favorite from this month was #8:

"Don't obsess over weight loss.  Wellness is about making your life bigger, not smaller."

Here are the other 9:
"Rather than try to fix your body, focus on how you want it to feel."
"The mark of true confidence is the ability to look someone in the eye"
"Let the seasons guide your diet.  The earth grows what you need when you need it."
"Respect your feet.  They've mastered the art of staying grounded while moving forward"
"Take charge of your own reflection: stop letting the mirror win"
"enlightenment doesn't always make a grand entrance.  It slowly transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary."
"Change happens somewhere between the acceptance of now and the anticipation of what's to come"
"Surprise yourself: push past your physical limits."
"Nothing connects you to who you are quite like the people who knew you when."

Since i've been (and will continue to be) imbibing on weekends throughout June it's pretty important that i take the weekdays to allow my body the time to recover, strengthen, restore, and detoxify.  So for the next few days this blog will serve as my cleanse journal.  Perhaps you're ready for a little mid week 'clean her up' too....and if you are please join me for the ride.  Hit the market and load your basket with fresh organic produce, get lots of greens and some lemons to add to your water, to juice, and squeeze on your veggies, and consider adding in some cleansing supplements like chlorophyll to help chelate heavy metals out of the body.  I'll blog my menu - comment back with yours.  We'll support each other.

If you are unable to cleanse this week, but would like to commit to a full 20 day program, i'll be hosting the next one in July at Core Power Point Loma.  Details to come!

Today's menu/journal:

early am (5am, before i taught yoga):  banana, red rooibos tea

breakfast, 8am:  fresh pressed green juice (one head romaine, one bunch celery, one apple, two lemons, stevia) and 1/4 of a cut cantelope

snack, noon:  1/4 of cut cantelope

exercise:  SCULPT CLASS FROM SARAH PEARLSTEIN - thank you for kicking my arse Sarah!!!

lunch, 3pm: one hard boiled egg, 1 1/2 cups baby carrots, remaining half of the cantelope.

snack, 6pm: Coco Cilantro Green Smoothie - RECIPE du-jour: 
coconut water from one young coconut
a few spoonfuls of coconut flesh from that coconut
3 large handfuls of spinach
1/3 of a ripe avocado
small amount of cilantro
and stevia to taste

dinner, 7:30pm:  small mixed greens salad with lemon, zuchini, avo, crushed red pepper and cumin, and dry toasted sesame seeds. Steamed green beans with a sauce made from 1 tbsp tahini, 1 tbsp tamari, one slice avo, water, and stevia.

The coco-cilantro smoothie was delicious.  The beau tried it out (he now makes himself a green smoothie every morning) and said he liked it so much he thought he'd start adding cilantro to his.  Cilantro has great chelating/detoxing properties.  My pug was all about it too....i was trying to take a few pix of the beautiful orchid my girlfriend Melissa got me for my bday, and he had to stop and check it (and my green drink) out.  How could i resist not posting such a cute photo???

toooooo cute!

he actually eats organic gluten free green food everyday, check out honest kitchen for your pooch

so good and sooo green!
...And last but not least, now it's time to show you the newest Jane Jewels.  I've been selling them as quick as i make em' so my etsy site isn't very current.  If you see something posted here you like let me know and i'll make a custom pair for you.



citrine stone helps promote happiness

turquoise helps to align your chakras

LOOPS!!! medium loop with turquoise drops

big ol' loops with citrine

medium citrine loops

AND....dangly things....

agate is grounding and helps dispel negative energy

more turquoise

....i'll be back tomorrow with another cleanse day/journal.  See you then!!

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  1. I am love LOVE LOVING those pictures with Ollie, how cute can it get?!?! I also love the last "thought" on whole living... because it makes me think of our friendship and "Oh the places we will go!" And we will look back on when we met in TT way back when. :) Love you


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