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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Get Your Green On: Chlorophyll Detoxes and Alkalizes

Greens are rich in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is what gives plants it's green hue. It's basically the blood of plants.  It's structured very similar to human blood, the main difference being that chlorophyll's central atom is mangesium while human blood's main atom is iron.  Because of this chlorophyll is an amazing blood builder.  Chlorophyll has been shown to be a cancer preventative, it aids in detoxification, it fights infections, is great for gastro-intestinal disorders, and it's alkalizing so it helps to negate acidity in the body.  If that's not reason enough I'm happy to pull out some more factoids like the awesome fact that it combats bad odors, bad breath, and body odor.  Don't you want to smell as good as you're lookin', Good Lookin'?   Plus it supports detoxification of your liver (hear that wino friends?).

While i firmly believe that whole foods are the best way to get your minerals, powdered greens boosters can be a good supplement to your already nutrient rich diet.  There are many powders on the market and they all taste a bit different so before you buy a whole canister see if you can buy sample sized packets to make sure you like the taste.  Many of them say to mix with water but the taste is well....less than palattable.  I've found that adding coconut water to my greens powder drinks, as well as my fresh pressed green juices helps to cut any bitterness and add a wealth of sweetness.  While fresh coconut water would be best, i think most of us are going to buy it pre-packaged.  My favorite brands are ONE and Coconut Nirvana.  The only bummer with the packaged coco water is that it's been pasteurized, so clearly a lot of the nutrient density will be cooked off, however it is lower in calories than most juices and sweet and delicious which really works when you need to cut a bitter green juice.   Here's a recipe for a fresh pressed greens tonic with an extra chlorophyll boost:

freshly press a handful of greens (chard, kale, spinach, etc)
freshly press a large organic unpeeled cucumber

Divide this equally into two 12-16oz jars.  Add in 1 tsp of greens powder and a pinch of powdered spirulina
Fill the remainder with coconut water or a mix of coconut water and a little water
Cap, shake, and enjoy.

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