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Thursday, February 2, 2012

"Let This Be Enough": A Daily Dining Mantra

"Let This Be Enough."

So often we are tempting by the flavors, smells, and comforts, the many joys, food brings us.  Often so tempted that we indulge, over indulge, and grow somewhat attached to our foods.

Let this be enough is my daily dining mantra that helps me stay on track with right nutrition.  It's a gentle reminder that food is not a reward, it's not a tool to bury stress, boredom, or fear.  Plus, since what you serve yourself must be enough, it makes you contemplate what you put on your plate, so that it will keep you nourished until your next meal or snack.

Food Journaling as well is a fantastic tool to help steer you toward better decisions.  You can see where there is repetition in your diet:

perhaps you are always wanting something sweet at 3pm, snacking after dinner even though you're not truly hungry, eating too much because you are UNDER hydrated.

Being able to look back at your day or many days can help determine a proper diet for yourself whether that's 4 meals a day, 3 meals and two snacks, or 6 small snacks throughout the day.  Food Journaling shows you where little bits might have snuck in, plus many have a 'notes' section at the footer so you can record any feelings/thoughts/inspirations/or reminders from the day or going forward.

Now onto the foodie stuff....

I've been consuming a lot of fruit lately....and a lot of fruit bowls.  While I'm thoroughly enjoying the taste of lactose free dairy yogurt on them, i do not believe it's honoring my constitution.  Listening to my body and it's cycles (and journaling these in my food diary) I've recognized that small amounts of dairy here and there might be okay, but too much dairy (such as a serving of yogurt on a daily basis, even if it's lactose free) is not going to work for me.  It's such a shame since i don't like soy-gurt, coconut yogurt (which is heavily processed and refined, Friends), or even the vegan versions one can make with rice or almond milk and agar agar.  If YOU have a low fat, dairy free, soy free, YUMMY alternative to plain dairy yogurt (that actually tastes and feels like yogurt) PLEASE let me know!  Meanwhile perhaps i'll use a little chia pudding or some citrus/tahini or sweet poppyseed dressings for my salads.

Two things i LOVE adding to my fruit bowls are cilantro and cucumber.  Both really freshen up and add a really nice dimension to a fruit salad.  Mind you it won't work with every fruit, but do try green apple, kiwi, blueberry, cucumber, and cilanto together, topped with a couple Tbsps of plain yogurt (if you are okay with dairy) and roasted and salted pumpkin seeds and pistachios.  NOM NOM!!!  Consider making the colors of your fruit pair together to make your dining experience more beautiful.  Grapefruit with strawberry and cherry, or the green and blues from the cuke, blue, kiwi, apple bowl.  Add pops of green with pumpkin seeds and pistachios, or flecks of white and green with whole hempseeds.

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