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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I Got Some Herb.

And a lot of it.  Herbs are magic, man.  

Lucky for muah, there is a fabulouso herb store in my dirty little beach town called In Harmony.  Jodi's been in business for over 25 years, and she's got a rocking little shop with just about every herb and superfood you could want to get your hot little hands on.  Plus she's a WEALTH of herby knowledge.

Miss Jodi has a thing for Kava, and it didn't take me much talking into.  I've heard of kava a lot, but never really knew much about it.  It's a great relaxer, anti-anxiety herb, that makes many people a bit more 'social', hence why you hear about kava bars opening up.  While traditionally kava is a root that is chewed then spit out, and yes the spat kava is what is fermented into the drink you would enjoy, i'm going with kava tincture sans anyone else's saliva (i have enough saliva of my own, thanks).  I'm not going to say it tastes good, but for many of you herb lovers you know herbs don't always taste great, but their effects out-weigh the flavor factor.  I tried a little kava in a shot of water last night for an evening chill before i hit the hay.  I'm hoping to find a traditional kava ceremony on my upcoming trip to fiji.

I bought two other herb blends there as well.  One is bitters, a digestive aid that supports liver function and helps increase bile for better digestion of foods, and the other is an energy tonic with fo-ti, ginseng, Rhodiola, and some other supporting herbs.  I'm super digging these.  The energy tonic supports me well and gives me what feels like a cup of coffee kick.  Skip your acidic morning cup of jo and simply give yourself 6 squirts of the energy tonic and you're good to go.  The bitters taste good.  Take them before and after meals to support your liver and release of bile for better digestion/nutrient absorption.

Plus i gots me some botanically infused coconut oil for the GodPod.  This stuff smells AMAZING.  I bought four sample viles since i couldn't decide which scent to buy the canister of:  rosemary, vanilla, sage, and mochalicious.  Pure coconut oil for the body that smells decadent.  L.O.V.E

I also picked up some culinary lavendar (i'll have some recipes for that in blogs to come), irish moss powder, camu camu powder, and some kava chocolates.

Super fun store and i highly recommend you pop in if you're in Ocean Beach.  It's right across from Indie Yoga, so you can get your sweat on, hit up Nati's Mexican across the street for some hot carrots and guacamole out on the patio, and slip right out the side gate into In Harmony to pick up your kava, herbs, and chat up Jodi.

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