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Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's Totally Legal & Deeply Under-rated.

There are two things I can not live without.

1.  green juice

2.  yoga

One without the other is not good enough.  I need both to help me feel balanced.

Perhaps my boyfriend will read this and wonder if he's number 3, or did my pug beat him out too?....ahhh, i'll let you fret my dear...i need you too, but mostly what i need is green juice and yoga, but this i think you already know.

Have you ever shown up on your yoga mat because you want a good work out, to get a good sweat, or clear your mind, de-stress, and open your body, yet inevitably as you practice you find that it's really about something else...something much deeper?  Sometimes for me it ends up being about accepting myself and imperfections, sometimes simply about raising my vibration, often about letting go of judgement, a way to live my truth, and help me get back on track, but every time it's always about connecting deeper into me, and with that peeling back of layers i watch myself blossom and unfold into a better person every time.

The green juice....well, it's my medicine.  It's something that gives me boundless energy, makes me feel pure, helps me sleep well, lessens inflammation, helps me feel balanced, connected to the earth, my local farming community, and shows me that i truly honor and appreciate myself to take the time to create such a blessed drink for my body.  Taking the time to juice makes me realize i need to slow down.  It makes me want to take better care of myself and continue to feed my body pure, clean food, get outdoors, and breathe fresh air.

The combo, well what can i say, it's the best high ever.  What i experience from yoga and green juice outweighs the effects of any mind altering substance.  It escalates my mind and motivation to places i could have never imagined.  And the most incredible thing about yoga and green's totally legal, and deeply under-rated.

To make a full pitcher of green juice press through your juicer:

3 heads of celery
4 apples
2-3 lemons
one small bunch of parsley
5 oz spinach
2.5 oz chard, kale, or collards

This will provide a large pitcher of green juice.  You can bottle them individually in 16 oz mason jars, ready to pull from the fridge so you have juice on the go.  To save nutrient density consider freezing your juice jars, just make sure not to fill them all the way - when liquid freezes it expands.  Your juice is fresh and most mineral and enzyme rich when you first press it.  If you have juice left after day two, make sure to freeze it.  While keeping green juice for days on end may negate some of the nutrient density, it's far more nutrient rich than no green juice at all!


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