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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It's Getting Juicy Up In Here!

Yo.  It's getting juicy up in here...and i'm not just talking green juices.

There are lots of opportunities that lie on the horizon and i'm feeling ready to pounce.  My schedule has been so jam packed lately (and will be through april and may) that i'm looking forward by june to creating a little space to do my own thang instead of always doing someone else's.  While it looks like I'll be taking a hiatus from writing Beaming weekly newsletters and maintaining their facebook page,  you can expect to see my prose in a few ebooks/DIY cleanses/and education content that i'm working on for them.  I've also recently met this amazing person, Tina Leigh, who is up to some really cool shiz-nit.  Check out her blog/recipe/books and ebooks.  My lips are sealed with the gossip, but it's all good stuff.  Stay tuned, but i think there could be a haute health meets grateful living collaboration on the horizon.  

Being that things are getting juicy now and april and may i'm in full cleanse mode (I'll be leading 2 in the next couple months - see below to join at Y6 Point Loma or Core Power Point Loma), i thought it only appropriate to start the day with my insanely energizing, anti-inflammatory green juice.  This is the juice that revs my engines, gets me going and keeps me in go mode 'til the day be done.

You'll need:

one apple
one lemon
one carrot
1/2 a large cucumber or one small
1/2 a large bunch of celery
1/2 a bunch of lacinato kale
a juicer
all of this

makes this!
If you're using the Omega 8005 or 8006 you'll get about 3 cups of juice.  I always loving sipping my fresh pressed juices from a wine glass.  It makes me savor each sip that much more.


join me at Y6 for a four week exploration of alkalizing, green foods, raw foods, juicing, ayurveda, and intention setting starting April 11th.  We'll meet Thursday nights from 7pm to 9pm.  Sign up here.

Or a 3 week adventure at Core Power Yoga starting April 26th.  We'll meet Friday the 26th, then the following three wednesday evenings from 6pm to 9pm, as well we have two Sunday morning yoga practices designed exclusively for our cleanse group.  Learn more here or email me at


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