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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Be Your Best Self

1.  Honor your body.

With affirmations, mantras, healthy actions, and recipes:

  • Clean up your diet and eat only high vibration foods that nuture your best self.  
  • Bathe yourself in affirmations and soak in compliments when they are given. 
  • Move your body.  Exercise.  Play.  Increase your heart-rate.  Dance like no ones watching.
Make at least two of these recipes this week:

 1/2 cup gluten free oats (bob's red mill)
1/4 cup raw cashews
approximately 4 large pitted medjool dates.
cinnamon and hempseeds

Toss the oats, cashews, and a few dashes of cinnamon in the food processor and whizz it down to the consistency of coarse sand.  Add the dates a few at a time and whizz again until you get a somewhat sticky looking sand.  Cobbler complete!

Chop fruit into a bowl, (optionally/pictured) add a few tbsp's of fresh hemp seeds (awesome protein/omega boost) and top with a few spoonfuls of crumble. 

1 whole coconut (all the water and 1/2 the meat)one slice of ripe avocado (about 1/8 an avo)2 giant handfuls of baby spinach optional 1/2 scoop of sun warrior vanilla warrior blend a couple ice cubes

trio of salads.  3 recipes, click here

pure coconut water, papaya, strawberries, blended

2 large rainbow chard leaves, spine trimmed flat (wrapper)
raw sprouted hummus (majestic makes a great one:
2 handfuls of mixed sprout salad (one handful per wrap)
2 small handfuls of mustard greens
8 very thin slices of red bell pepper (4 for each wrap)
any additional veggies.

Lay our the chard and slather with hummus end to tip.  Like a burrito fill with veggies.  Roll from widest end to tip.  Seal with hummus.

1/2 a medium cantelope chopped (remove seeds and skin)
Water from one large coconut (1 1/2 to 2 cups coco water)
Generous Scoop of coconut flesh (a few tbsp, about 1/4 of the flesh)

Blend well and enjoy.  Makes 3 martinis.

2.  Let go of the things that no longer serve you (and exaggerate and embrace that which does)

It is hard.  I know.  We're human.  We are imperfect.  We have patterns, behaviors, habits, we fall in love with people with shouldn't, we make stupid choices, we 'hold on...and hold on tightly', we have ideals, and are self critical.  We are who we are.  Through a meditation practice and daily journaling, you may find you begin to release these less than serving or sub optimal habits/patterns/thoughts/people. 

Try this mantra meditation:

Visualize yourself in front of a big heavy wooden door.  Behind the door is only darkness. Mindfully close the door and embrace a sense of closure and release.  Wipe your hands clean.  Turn to the next door and see how easy and light it is to open.  As it opens allow the bright daylight that lies beyond it to flood in over you.  Walk through the door and recite. "I close the door of my past, wipe my hands clean, and walk into the light of my true path."  or more simply:  "I release my past and walk my enlightened path."

Journal.  Daily.  Each day write down 1 affirmation or mantra, 1 action you are working on, and 1 thing you are grateful for.  Watch your self love and worth bloom.

3.  Breathe

Are your breaths short and high up in your chest, or are they long, heavy, and fluid down to your belly.  Breath now.  Sit tall in your seat and close your eyes.  Hear your breath.  Inhale for a slow count of four.  Feel the breath move into your belly, your lungs, you lower, middle, and upper back, and even feel your collarbones lift and separate.  Enjoy the sensation of fullness.  Exhale for a slow count of four.   Feel the navel gently tug back as the breath moves up to encompass your heart and wash over your mind.  Sense what it's like to be empty of breath, then breath in again.  Take at least 10 rounds of breath.  Just listening and feeling the breath move through your body.

4.  Be present.....and okay with it.

We love to avoid things.  It's just seems easier to.  It seems easier not to deal with situations but rather tuck them away and worry about them later.  Unfortunately this often brings us back to #2 (letting go of that which does not serve us).  Be present with where you are and who you are with.  Notice your mind if it begins to wander.  Gently remind it to return to the here and now.  Meditation and breath-work will help keep you present, as will making the choice to simply be present and continually reminding yourself.  Be present with your feelings, emotions, and be willing to hold space for others.  Simply open your ears, your heart, look them in the eyes, and listen without the need to speak.  BTWs this requires you to put your iphone down.

5.  You can achieve more than you think.

Actually, you can achieve more than you ever dreamt, but there is one caveot:  


Start today.  Big things have small beginnings.  Look at what you want to create, what are some of the preliminary steps you'll need to get there?  Begin now.  Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow.  There is no time like the now.


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