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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Superfood Protein Pancakes

So it's not the first time i blogged about this, not even the second or the third time.   Protein pancakes rock my M*Fit world.  When i get a hankering for sweet comfort breakfast-food or i want what feels like a treat but still gets me to my goals, i'm all over these.  I've made them a bunch of different ways (with banana, without, with egg yolk, without), but this is the recipe that i like best.   It makes two big fluffy low-sugar / low carb pancakes, but you could easily turn it into a stack of silver dollar cakes if that's your steeeeeeze.

Superfood Protein Pancakes:

An organic ripe banana MASHED
5 large organic egg whites
2 rounded Tbsps Coconut Flour
A heaping Tbsp of vanilla shakeology
Lots and lots of cinnamon
Optional crank of sea salt - i'm all about sweet / salty and the salt just balances it for me.

Cook them over medium heat (med-low), flip when you have bubbles over the top.

When you're making protein pancakes and you get that perfect flip. It's the little things.

Here's an additional tip.  If you make them with shakeology, they're sweet on their own so you don't need syrup or sugary stuff.  I don't always butter then, but if i do i always use Kerrygold Grass Fed butter. However if you like something more 'moist' you can use a spoon and dip them into almond milk or coconut milk.  This also goes for a 'pancake flip-fail'.  I've had a number that i messed up because i like to make mine GIGANTIC (you should see the size of my pancake flipper!).  For the fails i just cut them up put them in a bowl and add a little nut milk and eat them that way.  It's PERFECT.

NOTE:  for those of you who are working toward weight loss goals i have a few more tips.  Yup, i'm full of them.   Scroll down and read on.....

1.  Do fasted cardio in the morning - that basically means get your sweat on BEFORE you eat your protein pancakes - or anything for that matter other than water or coffee

2.  Join my Intermittent Fasting group and follow my BPTN guide.  I'll teach you how.  It's about 'timed nutrition' and longer periods of digestive rest.  Often you rest from 14-16 hours, so you'd eat from 9-5 or the 8 hour period you like best, and not eat for the remainder of the time.  There are other things to know when doing IF so i recommend only doing it with a coach.  Once you get in the habit it becomes way easier.  I practice it often and help others understand how to make the schedule that's best for them and compliment it with the right fitness and meal plans that will get you to your goals.  Trust me, you want to contact me if you plan to start this.  My coaching is Free for anyone on a challenge with me.

3.  Take one of my online fitness challenges.  I'll provide you with the support and accountability you need, a fitness calendar, workouts you do at home or take to the gym, a meal plan, slim down guide, and an accountability community that will get you to your goals.  My coaching is always FREE when you enroll in a Beachbody Challenge with me.  You'll get my EXACT recipes and the support, accountability and community you need to stay inspired and see it through!

 *If you order from any of the links enclosed in this blog please CONTACT ME HERE and let me know so i can welcome you into our online community.  If you've ever ordered with Beachbody before your purchase will likely revert back to another coach.  To get my coaching free and be welcomed into my online community you must be assigned with me as your team beachbody coach.  You can do that HERE


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