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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Hot Chocolate for Health Nuts

Anytime it rains or gets cold i immediately want a cup of hot chocolate.  I'm sure it's my inner child that grew up sipping nestle's chocolate quik and carnation instant breakfast every morning from a bendy straw.  

I've learned a lot over the years from studying holistic health, working with superfoods, and researching cacao and clearly know that Nestle's is no way to start my day (or any child's day for that matter), but still there is something about chocolate for me that makes it a food that will forever be an elixer that gives me comfort and completes a good day.  It's so good to know that there are now reliable and healthy sources for quality cacao and cacao based supplements to help you get comfort from fuel that will actually serve a real need in your body.

I drink Shakeology daily.  I generally drink the Vegan Chocolate since i'm lactose intolerant, but i do enjoy a little of the Beachbody Recover Preformance Line which does have dairy in it.  It helps with my post workout muscle recovery and i've found combining it with my vegan shakeology not to be too overwhelming for my very sensitive digestion.  Shakeology isn't meant to be heated since there are a lot of heat sensitive ingredients like probiotics and digestive enzymes, but if you do it right you can continue to get a ton of nutrient density without compromising the nature of it.   Plus this is the best tasting hot cacao i've ever had! 

Recipe and instructions below. 

You'll Need:

1 cup of coconut milk
1/2 cup of water
optional splash of cold brew coffee concentrate

First blend all the ingredients in a blender.  Transfer to a small pot and heat over medium to high head stirring the entire time.  Keep the liquid moving so that nothing stays on heat source too long.   Heat until it lightly starts to steam, or til you dip a finger in and it's just hotter than comfortable for your finger.  Pour into a mug and serve. 


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