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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Powered By Plants: A Real GUT Check

When's the last time you gave your body 21 days straight to let itself heal?

The beautiful thing about your GodPod is that IT WANTS to heal.  A little known fact is that your liver is the only organ in your body that can regenerate itself even after a 50% damage rate.  How amazing is that?  Being that your liver is a VITAL organ for detoxification and it's taking the BRUNT of a lot of what you put in your body, that's pretty remarkable!  

And keep in mind that not everything you put in your body comes in via your mouth and food.  Your skin is actually your largest organ and covered in pores that drink in every chemically fragrant lotion and perfume you put on your skin and every enviromental toxins that you simply can't avoid.  

I don't think anyone really LOVES cleansing.  Someone may talk about their amazing experience on a cleanse, but few people are going to stay on one longer than 21 days because giving stuff up SUCKS.  I mean who wants to give up a hot mug of coffee in the morning, their favorite dinners out with their friends or significant others, and why in the WORLD would you ever give up Kombucha since it's touted as a healing tonic?

I'm the first to admit that even myself as an 'avid cleanser' was NOT super excited to go on this detox voyage and give up the things i LOVE for a whole 21 days, BUT i am also very aware of how important it is to reset your body and allow it to heal.   Truth be told, I've been delinquent on cleansing now for years, and rather i've been taking the easy way out with little 3 day reboots.  Nothing agaist them, they're great, and a fast bandaid to kickstart a program or allow some time for digestive rest.  Problem is they don't really DO what a 21 day detox does.  Still i found myself justifying WHY the 3 day reboots where 'enough'.  Between 'eating clean', practicing healthy habits, and pounding my green juices and superfood smoothies I had PLENTY of reasons why i didn't 'need' to cleanse, but the more i kept hearing my justifications and excuses, the MORE apparant it became to me that i HAD  to let go of my lame excuses and belief that i was doing good enough.  I had to be open to seeing if i might have some new breakthroughs, and simply face my resistance head on and do the thing i didn't want to do.  Little did i know that my experience with this cleanse would have such a profound impact this time around, push me past a plateau, and get me back in touch with my roots of plant based nutrition.  

Did i feel deprived?  No.  I was never hungry or felt empty.  My stomach never rumbled.  Were there times i wished i was eating what my boyfriend was?  Of course.  Were there days i was having an inner conflict over whether i had been doing the cleanse long enough and could sink my teeth into his meal he pulled hot off the barbecue?  Yes.  However, i made it through, and after the 21 days of eating plant based and taking each optimal wellness and detox supplement not only had i seen a physical shift in my body, but i was also elevated in my entire physiology.  My mind was clearer, my eyes more white, my skin had a new glow,  my elimination cycle healthfully increased, AND i had rediscovered my JOY for eating a VERY high plant based alkaline diet extremely limited in lean animal proteins.  I also remembered WHY i don't do dairy.  In my case it lends to massive inflammation in my body.  So in the 21 days of eating my heart out on fruits and veggies and healthy plant based carbs and fats, eliminating ALL animal proteins including all dairy, i lost 6 lbs and i saw a 3 inch reduction in my waistline, an overall leaning and depuffing of my entire physique and a vibrancy i didn't realize i must have lost somewhere along the line of just 'eating clean'.  It's reinspired me to go back to my 'flexitarian' ways, which for me is not regimented or dogmatic, but rather includes only easily digestible proteins for my body and always a high base of vegetable and plant matter.  In my personal case that's primarily fish and eggs and a diet rich in alkalizing greens and green vegetables.

I'm coming off this cleanse completely reset and have a new vitality i didn't realize i was lacking before.  I'm reinspired to make sure 21 day plant based cleanses are a more regular occurrence (2-4 times a year) for full optimal wellness revitilization.  To learn more about it and follow the same program i did and recommend, click HERE.  The program comes with 21 days of supplements, an easy to follow cleanse manual, and superfoods.  Should your order be connected to my website or you message me for support directly, you'll also be added to my online community and get my coaching and guidance free including all of the cleanse recipes i made during the cleanse (some pictured here) that are simple and fast to prepare.  The booklet in and of itself is filled with recipes and exact meals and directions for each day, but for those of you who know me well,  you know i LOVE to go against the grain and create my own bountiful dishes that take zero time to make, but are incredible for your body, mind, and soul.

My methodology for this program: 

All plant based foods
High Raw
Cooked veggies were steamed
Grain free
Daily fats included coconut, nut butter, and avocados
Dressings and condiments included only lemon, tahini, curry spices, cumin, coconut aminos
Daily fruit plates
2 plant based high raw / high greens meals
Vegan Shakeology daily - one scoop
Daily alkaline greens shot
All supplements that come with the program:  detox tonic, probiotics, digestive enzymes, mineral salts, and anti-inflammation herbs

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