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Friday, September 15, 2017

The 4 Year Anniversary: 1,460 days of setbacks and growth

Today is my 4 year Anniversary. That's 1,460 days of experience and growth that was mostly cloaked in a vail of failure that most people saw as big wins. I share that because every Victory, every WIN, every success of mine has spawned from a set back in life, a 'missed shot', a hurdle i faced, a let down, or a self limitation that i had to CHOOSE to not just overcome, but to LEARN from. Who remembers when i earned my first trip to Grand Cayman? Did you know it's not because i was the BEST, but because i was on the list of up and comers, and just enough people QUIT before me so i got pushed up. I wasn't 'good' enough back then per se, shit, i didn't even know what i was doing! BUT i showed up, never gave up, and so I made the cut. Take NOTE: In life, you never really 'fail' at anything, rather YOU QUIT, or others don't quit.


I ALMOST SAID NO. I almost said NO to the very opportunity that changed my life. ACTUALLY I DID SAY NO because i wasn't thinking with my creative ingenuity, rather i was thinking with my EGO MIND (a word of caution; to be a great leader, make sure you're not living in your ego mind - it's a foolish place that's not built on love or growth). Thing is, i just automatically assumed it wasn't for me, and then when i was like meh, okay i'll give it a go, I almost quit because of the learning curve. Ummmm, for those of you that know my coaching journey, you know that would have been a HUGE mistake! It's propelled my life forward in every way shape and form.

Earlier today I hopped off a call with the Executive Director of Sales for one of the World's leading health and fitness companies who invited me to present to their entire network of entrepreneurs. I'll be sharing my story/advice/expertise to a group of many people, some who are insanely successful and accredited health professionals, certified yogis, personal trainers, integrative coaches, health fanatics, athletes, and individuals who are likely FAR more educated then myself (the very girl who dropped out of the University to head west and get an associates degree in fashion because, in truth, i wasn't into scholastics). This opportunity i was invited to today to you think i'm stoked??? YAH. Do you think i'm also SCARED AF? YAH! That inner voice creeps in that says 'I'm just a girl who wanted to change her life and made a commitment to herself to do it...what do i have to share with anyone?', and then the giant within comes out and says YOU ARE EVERYTHING TO SHARE IT WITH EVERYONE!!! If it weren't for someone who pushed back into my fears and hesitations i wouldn't be here today with an opportunity to positively impact so many lives and help others who desire the same shifts and tools for growth.

You may recognize the girl in this photo, she's sort of insta-famous. LOL. No not me. hahahah (TOTALLY KIDDING). My coach Amy. She didn't have to teach me anything. All she had to do was plug me into the right tools and resources, walk the path before me, and show me what was possible. Amy, I'm so grateful that you saw the opportunity for me and followed up with me and leaned into my hesitations. I needed a coach and someone to push me to do something different that would make a difference in my life and I feel blessed daily now that I get to be that person you were for me, for others. 

Excited to be taking one of my top coaches Bethany to Leadership, be accompanied by my top coach who's been on the team only 2 years and ranked in the top 10 of our company, Moira Kucaba, who earned her trip independently and her top coach Erin Hopkins and spend the day at the spa with Amy Silverman literally the day AFTER i speak to 450K coaches on our national call! To say i'm humbled by the growth and expansion of our team because of our mission to spread a message of health, and help women stay accountable to their goals is an understatement. I wake up daily with gratitude from having one of my best friends Jaclyn Hughes be my ride or die since the start, to having my rising star team collaborate together and work with me daily, to now having this next opportunity to help mentor, support and collaborate with a new group of leaders I'll be training later this month. I'm just so grateful for the resilience i've gained from every set back and the FAITH i innately have that my vision coupled with my passion and hard work would come to life. It's so crazy that i'm 1,460 days in and all i can think about is how exciting the next 1,460 will be for everyone and where my new coaches starting now will be in even just a year! I wrote THIS BLOG one year in and reading it today really hit home.

If you're still reading (and if you're about GROWTH and positivity you just may be), then PLEASE know this opportunity is not EXCLUSIVE to anyone! Sure i reach out to women who i authentically and genuinely want to see go next level in life and who i believe would LOVE this opportunity, but if i don't know you're interested, i don't know to reach out and connect and see if it's a fit for you too. Don't be silently watching someone else live out YOUR dreams. If you're ready to level up your life, or just dabble your pinky toe into the world of health and fitness very part time, reach out to me or fill out my JOT so we can schedule a time to chat. I love connecting:


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