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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Simple Salmon and Greens Bowl

Eating Healthy, doesn't have to be complicated.  You don't have to be a know it all chef or even have many skills in the kitchen.  One of my favorite proteins is salmon.  It's one of the few fish I never tire of eating, and lucky for the less-than-saavy-kitcheness, you can buy salmon already cooked at many healthy grocers like Whole Foods, or you can buy a piece of smoked salmon at almost all grocery stores.

What makes a dish taste so good is the combination of flavors: sweet, salt, and fat, so having a great  dressing for your dishes that satiates the palette can be a big game changer.  I've found that by adding coconut aminos to most my dishes it gives it both the sweetness and saltiness our palettes love, and by adding avocado, it fills the gap on the desire for fats.  Salmon in and of itself is a fattier fish, so you may find that by preparing it with some seasoning salt, you really have little desire for additional fats, but I love my fats, so here's how I build a simple and delicious dish like this:

To half of the bowl add mixed greens / a salad blend 
Add a handful of micro greens 
Slice half an avocado in
Top with either grilled, poached, or smoked salmon

And my preferred dressings for this dish are either:

Green Goddess from the fridge section of Trader Joes with a splash of coconut aminos
or Primal Kitchens honey mustard dressing diluted with a little rice vinegar and coconut aminos

Finish with a light sprinkle of bagel seasoning.


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