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Friday, April 30, 2010

Raw'k-N-Rolls: A Perfectly Light & Energizing Lunch

Who likes the feeling of being weighed down midday? These wraps make the perfect light and energizing lunch, full of life energy. Easy to make - even a child can do! Plus they can be put together and rolled up in less than five minutes which makes them even more appealing for when you are on the go. Start by selecting a large leafy green to roll with (chard pictured but collards work great too). Today i cut these big beautiful chard leaves from the garden. Pick your fillings: any spreads, sprouts, microgreens, and thinly sliced veggies you'd like to fill it with...and let's get rolling.

Start by prepping the outer leaf. The long spine that runs down the middle will often make it hard to roll. At the base of the leaf, clip off any extra stem. Run a knife (parallel to the leaf and just lightly touching the leaf) down the spine to about 3/4 way up the leaf, so that you are flattening the spine to be even with the leaf. Basically slicing off any spine that is thick and standing above leaf level. This way the spine is still holding the leaf together, but the thickness has been cut in half or more. Lay this on your clean flat surface and smear a spread down it, such as hummus or in this case a raw sprouted hummus. Make sure to get some all the way down at the tip of the leaf as this is going to help seal your roll.

Starting at the base (wide end) of the leaf, lay a light stack of your fillings: sprouts, micro greens, thinly sliced veggies. Make sure not to make this stack too thick, you'll want to be able to roll your leaf a couple times to give it support. Just as if you were rolling sushi, roll the base end up and gently pull it tight, making sure you are putting the base end into the spread and under the veggie stack you've created. Continue to roll it all the way to the end using your spread to help secure the tip down. Place sealed side down to allow it to adhere.

There you go! Now Enjoy! Below are the ingredients i used in these delicious wraps in case you are looking for some inspiration:

2 large rainbow chard leaves, spine trimmed flat (wrapper)
raw sprouted hummus (majestic makes a great one: They don't have the hummus on the site...i'm sure you could call and order it. They sell it at the Hillcrest farmer's market and People Co-Op both in San Diego)
2 handfuls of mixed sprout salad (one handful per wrap)
2 small handfuls of mustard greens (from suzies farm, San Diego:
8 very thin slices of red bell pepper (4 for each wrap)


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