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Monday, May 10, 2010

What The Radiccio!! Farm Land in San Diego? Take A Tour Of Suzie's Farm & Learn Where Your Food Comes From

Not many of us San Diegan's realize that right here in San Diego (not Escondido) we have farm land!!! You may have seen or stopped by Suzie's Farm Stand at the Hillcrest or Ocean Beach farmer's market, bursting with beautiful greens and abundant in sprouts. Lucky for me (and now you) i found out that they give farm tours (i think twice a month). This is an absolute must for you, anyone that wants to learn where their food comes from, and for any visiting guests that may have a green thumb or an inner garden gnome. If you aren't local to San Diego, i'd highly recommend looking into your local farmers and seeing if any offer group tours or are willing to walk you through. Educational for your little ones, and entertaining and fun for all ages, you walk amongst all the organic tomatoes, squash, beans, romaine, kale, and carrots, and meet the very few hands that have planted and touched your food before it hit your plate. Suzie's Farm is located near Imperial Beach in San Diego, close to the ocean and tijuana river valley, surrounded by federally owned land. Lucila, who owns and operates the farm, along with Ella (her right hand gal since day 3) lead our tour on Saturday morning. I could not have been more delighted to meet face to face the people who made our amazing food come to fruition. Let me start by saying that just looking at these two ladies and their radiant skin is advertisement in itself why you should connect to nature and eat from our earth! Lucila (ever vibrant and humorous) offered up the history of the farm, walked us through to see what they were growing, where we met caterpillars and lady bugs, and harvested some amazing produce! The tour costs only $10 and takes no more than an hour and a half. If you choose to go, be sure to bring a bag as you'll harvest and fill up with produce. Andy and I went to the 9am tour, which i'd recommend, as it wasn't too hot yet, and we got first dibs on the produce that day! Between Andy and I we left with 4 squash, 6 carrots, 2 heads of kale, 1 head of radiccio, 1 head of romaine, a handful of beans, and an unforgettable experience.

Thank you Lucila and Ella for the fab tour! If you might be interested in a tour or signing up for their CSA box, check out their website: or contact Lucila at




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