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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sniggity Snacks: Organic Dried Zukes

Because i'm so in love with my kale chips i decided to see if the same recipe could work to make zucchini chips.  Surely it did!  These are splendid little treats, perfect for healthy munching.  The only bummer is how small they shrink in the dehydrating process (remember shrink-ee-dinks from the early 80's? this is exactly what the zukes are in the dehydrator).  After slicing thin 5 zukes, mixing in the seasonings, and dehydrating for almost 10 hours i got about 2 cups of chips (maybe due to some sniggity snacking during the drying process).  They are very easy to devour, so if you are going to make the recipe i say - GO BIG!  lots of zukes = a few servings of fun snacking.

before dehyrating

5 zukes sliced thin filled 3 trays

Slice your zucchini very thin on a mandoline and then follow the recipe for my kale chips.

i dehydrated mine at 115 for close to 10 hours/overnight.  Start them on paraflex sheets then flip onto mesh trays after a few hours.

  up close and tastey...the finished chip.  wha-lah!

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  1. o meredith, i gotta try those zuke chips!! i'm new to raw living, learning everyday. thanx for inspiring :)


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