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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pugs and Pins and Needles, all things Green, and Hobbies: Oh My!

maaaaaa.  let's go for our walk!
If you live in So Cal, you are loving life right now.  The weather is insanely beautiful, and it's been far too long since we've experienced days like these.  Given that we didn't have many sunny days last summer, this spring time sunshine is a pleasant reminder of why i live in San Diego.

kale ready to juice from me' garden
 Being such a sunny morning my garden was calling to me as i walked by.  Our kale is growing like mad with two of the stalks over 4 feet tall!  I was reminded today of how amazing it is to start your day with a green drink.  I fell off the green smoothie bandwagon for a week or two.  My back went out last friday and I've felt stagnant, sore, grumpy, annoyed, achy, mad, and all out frustrated.  I started to eat eggs (which i haven't done in over  year).  Hard boiled eggs and fried eggs on toast.  I skimped on the green drinks and noticed that although i still ate salads and veggies daily, my fiber consumption dropped, as did my 'greens' consumption.  My digestion/elimination cycle changed/slowed.  My body is slow to heal (It's been a whole week and i've not been able to exercise, let alone hardly twist side to side due to the pain i've been in).  Then i started to is the time i need fresh juice and green drinks more than ever - when my body needs the enzymes to heal.  Duh.  I swear, i can talk and talk and talk about what i know is 'right',  but often i have to hit myself over the head to hear myself...."woman - take your own stinkin' advice!"  And so i juiced.  And ohhhh, was it good.  I cut kale from the garden and pressed it with beet and broccoli i picked up at the farmers market yesterday and a cuke, lemon, and ginger from the co-op.  Dumped that into my blender and added spinach and half an apple.  Swirled it up and OH - MY - HEAVENS!  This seriously is the best way to start your day.  I feel amazing, and could care less about my back....i'm going to walk the pooch, listen to the birds, and enjoy the smile my pug, the sun, the birds,  and that green drink put on my lips.

Thank heavens for my recent decision to get back into my hobby of jewelry making.  It's been my saving grace during this down time with ye' ol' broke up back.  I loved the chain earrings i posted on etsy so much that i had to make a pair for myself.
 Get yours (click) here:  chain earrings

Other new things....Acupuncture.  Never had that done before.  Diggin it!  On Monday Dr Michele Ross at Tree of Life (click) gave me a chiro adjustment, muscle stem, and pinned me up good.  Have you ever had muscle stem?  It's this crazy machine with electrodes.  Electricity is sent to the pads on you and you feel like there are blue electricity currents zapping through your body.  It's CRA-ZEEEEE!  Dr Ross is great!  She's off of Morena down by where i take pilates, so if you are in need of getting pinned, book in with her and then head over to club pilates (click) for laura brownings reformer class - your thighs will thank you :)  I found some relief from the acu, but not enough, so i went on Wednesday for session numero dos with Aquilino at AcuSport (click) in my stinky little beach bum town, Ocean Beach.  He's got a great attitude, he's a fun conversationalist, and after the acupuncture he did some massage work which really broke up the hard knots that were the epicenter of my back-quake.  I recommend booking in with him on a Wednesday afternoon so you can cruise the farmers market after your visit.

the strawberries are soooo good!

I'm off to enjoy the sunshine (someone's letting me know it's time for their walk).
Ca'Mon Already! JEEEEZZZZ lady!

...i hope you are able to do the same.  Don't forget to support your friendly, local artist....ME:  (click here) Jane Shop On Etsy.


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