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Sunday, May 1, 2011

We're Having An Etsy Party: Personally Meet & Shop 'The Rusty Schwinn' & 'Jane Shop'

Hey Friends.  Have you been to my etsy site yet????  I'm so diggin' these chain danglers.  I've been getting really great stones and embellishments: turquoise, coral, shell, and i just picked up some ruby to work with too. 

My friend Diane of 'The Rusty Schwinn' and i are planning to host an Etsy party soon.  If you are an Etsy crafter in the area and would like to be part of this fun shopping, partying extravaganza hit me up!  Diane makes beautiful scarves and fun feather earrings.  Plus she's just super rad!  Check out her esty site and her blog (click)

What do you want at your Etsy party???  Of course there'll be fun jewels and other sassy fun things to shop for.  What about Vino?  Snacks?  Music?  Cupcakes?  Raffles?  Discounts?  All of the above?  Tell me what would draw you in and i'll make it happen!

Here's a preview (with links) to new pieces you'll find on my etsy site:

i am in love with these.  Turquoise and coral - ooooh la la.

By the way...if you live in San Diego I'll wave all the shipping fees.  Woo hoo!!!  So email me via etsy and let me know which ones you like'y and i'll send you a private link sans shipping.

coral and faux bone/shell danglers - Dazzling Dahhhling!

Those coral teardrops have this stunning sunburst design on them.  Beauty!

long chain, faux bone/shell, and turquoise dangl'ahzzz.  

i named these ones Brooke, because they remind me of what my girlie Brooke would rock.  C'mon Sister - put in yo' custom order.  click here if you want these 6 inch chain, shell, and turquoise earrings

These earrings look great worn as they are sold (as a pair) or even better when mis-matched.  Have fun, buy a pair for yourself, a pair for a friend, for your ma for mothers day, and your sistaz for being your sistaz.  Share or trade singles to make your individual pair, or hit me up for a customized order.  I'm having so much fun making these - keep the orders coming!




  1. love the turquoise and coral! are you going to make necklaces?

  2. thanks denise! i probably will do some necklaces eventually. The earrings are really popular as are the hammered bracelets so i'm sticking with those for a little while. With that said, if you had something in mind, let me know and we can design you something together. xo


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