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Friday, May 13, 2011

Le Petit Parfait: Breakfast Bowl of Champions

 By now most of you have seen of,  heard of, or had an acai bowl.  While i'm not the biggest fan of acai, i love the idea of 3 of my favorite things (fruit, granola, and smoothie) in a bowl.  So why not ditch the acai and make a little of your fave smoothie or green drink and plop that in a bowl with cut fruit and 'nola?  This is just the question i asked myself today, and what i discovered will forever change my breakfast eating ways.

First let me start by saying i love....LOVE eating and drinking out of glass jars.  Don't ask me why...i don't know....but i really enjoy it.  I save nut butter jars, spaghetti sauce jars, olive jars, mason name it...i save it.  These jars are great for transporting your green drinks in and make great (portable) containers for your breakfast bowls as well!

Over this weekend when you ponder..."hmmm, what should i have for breakfast today?", try this on:

Blend a small amount of your favorite smoothie.  Pour into a jar and top with fresh cut fruit and granola.'s that easy.  Here's what i mixed in the pictured smoothie bowl:

About 1 cup of papaya blended with half a banana and 3 ounces water.  Pour into jar.
Top with the other half of banana, sliced, 2 chopped strawberries, and granola


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