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Friday, May 6, 2011

10 (mostly) Foodie Things I Am Grateful For.

1.  Carrot and Papaya Smoothies.  This has to be at the top of my list because i'm so into them right now!  (Press 10 carrots through a juicer and blend with 1/2 a papaya).  These are so refreshing, perfect for warm weather days, and make me feel amazing.  Plus they totally quench an ice cream craving!

2.  The fact that my little beach town has a juice bar right next to the bead store that i'm in all the time AND that they make carrot and papaya smoothies!

3.  Numi Red Rooibos Tea and Yogi Peppermint Tea.  Without you i would have a much harder time rising at 5am.

4.  Stone Ground Mustard.  Add cumin, EVOO, a splash of balsamic and some stevia and you have a killer salad dressing.

5.  Rudi's gluten free bread.  It's so nice to be able to enjoy sammies time to time, plus i'm loving just making a piece of toast with hard boiled egg, avocado, and sea salt.  num.

6.  Sweet Potatoes.  Does anyone need an explanation on this one?  They have to be like the number one most delicious food.  The boyfriend mashed some up on Easter with cinnamon and 'oh my god':  simply divine.

7.  Greens, green juices, and green smoothies.  I can never eat/drink enough greens.  I am grateful that our garden is so abundant. 

8.  Tamari.  If your dish is lacking flavor, tamari will usually take care of it.  Are your steamed veggies and brown rice a little boring tonight?  Try adding tamari!

9.  Guacamole and corn tortillas.  We make guac fresh with cilantro from our garden.  If you've never made guac before you need to get on it.  It's simple, delicious, and tastes awesome on baked corn tortillas.  (A few pitted avos, mashed with a handful of cilantro, sea salt, lemon, and cayenne or jalapeno.  Save the pits to put in the bowl with the guac.  This helps it from browning).  Get fresh corn tortillas at a farmers market, slice into triangles, mist with EVOO and salt and bake at 400 for about 7 minutes or until done to your liking.  Hit it with Tapatio!

10.  Numero 10 is a combo of many other non foodies things i am gratful for:  My Pug.  My Boyfriend.  My amazing friends and family.  My job and the beautiful community of yogis that i'm surrounded by daily.  My home for keeping me safe, dry, and warm.  And my hands for allowing me to craft.

Speaking of are some new danglers i posted on etsy ( :


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  1. Love all these tips :) Thanks for sharing!!! I just got a juicer, and just made the carrot/papaya one, but I added 2 apples too...yum! Can you post some more juice recipes that I could try since I am new to juicing? I want to incorporate more veggies & leafy greens, but without really tasting them too much :) Actual recipes or suggestions that I could try out would be awesome! Thanks!

    Love reading all your blog posts too! I am subscribed to your blog on my google home page at work :)


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