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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mid Week Cleanse: Day Three Complete

Even just a few short days of eating clean (no dairy, gluten, soy, chocolate, alcohol, or processed foods) can make a huge difference.  If you've been tuning in these past few days to my blog but haven't taken the leap is the time!  You'll eat plenty of yummy, whole plant foods.  You'll feel incredible and super strong.  You'll wake up early and become very productive.   So what's holding you back? 

I posted yesterday's blog right before dinner.  Unfortunately my dinner didn't turn out as amazing as i had hoped.  It tasted great, HOWEVER my broccoli was buggy.  Those dang little aphids where burrowing in the broccoli's bushy end.  Using a fork i picked at the bugs (then steamed and dead),  not to mention the sizable green caterpillar i found as well, i decided to give up on my dinner.  Gross, i know, but i eat from the earth, and that's what happens time to time.  So needless to say i had lost my appetite.  A little later it did return, so i sliced up a banana and a few strawberries from the farmer's market and ate those with some raw sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and flax seeds.  A much safer, bug-free meal.  It did the trick.

here's today's menu/journal:

5am (before i taught yoga): 1/2 an orange, red rooibos tea

8am, breakfast: Coco-cilantro HONEYDEW smoothie.  A delicious variation on Tuesday's recipe du'jour (click for recipe and add a cup of cut honeydew melon and kick up the cilantro).  1/4 of a honey melon.

10:30am i'm taking sarah brown's yo-yo-yo-yoga class as i do every thursday to get my sweat on!!! 

12pm, light lunch:  hardboiled egg, handful of baby carrots (i had 30 minutes to eat something light before i had to teach another couple classes.)

3:30pm snack (just finished teaching, feeling famished!): 1 cucumber and 1/4 honeydew melon

4:30pm early evening snack:  steamed green beans with tamari

(when i leave work at 4 i'm usually ready for a meal since i eat lightly during the hours i teach yoga, but if i'm having dinner with andy i typically choose a nutrient dense snack instead so we can dine together.)

6pm:  a couple spoonfuls of nutrition yeast mixed with water and stevia.

7pm, dinner: 1 hard boiled egg chopped in with 1 1/2 cup serving of brown rice, dressed with stone ground mustard, flax oil, lemon, and tamari.  (was feeling like i needed some dense foods)

post dinner indulgence will be fresh ripe farmers market strawberries and mint tea.

Upon a recommendation from my friend Haley, i went and saw her Clinical Nutritionist to get muscle tested for supplements.  It was a great experience.  Annette from Zen Enterprises/Full Circle Nutrition is a total spitfire and a true intuitive.  She'll tell you stuff that she would have no way of knowing, just by putting her hands on you.  CRAZY...and super cool!  I brought every supplement that was in my cabinet (none of which i was taking at the time) and had her test them all on me.  She instantly threw away the Vit C with rose hips from Solgar, explaining they had a very negative energy.  She got rid of my Rainbow Light Energizer/Multi (which didn't really surprise me), and she said my B12 dots weren't really doing it for me.  Not a bad product, just not for me.  What she had me keep and i'm now taking are:

Chlorophyll (5 daily)
CoQ10 100mg (1 daily)
Host Defense (mushrooms/4 daily)
Vitalzyme (enzyme, 4 daily)
Multi from Super Nutrition (1 daily)
B-50 Complex (3 daily)
Probiotic (50 billion/3 daily)
Floridex/iron supplement) (15 ml, twice daily only for 4-6 weeks)

When the chlorophyll runs out she suggested chlorella tabs for a deeper metal detox.  I've never used so many supplements at once, but i'm stoked to have someone be able to read me and see where my imbalances are, so i'm trusting in this process.  She also tested me for certain foods and said i did well with hemp and eggs and suggested that i make bone broth for additional protein.  Though i haven't done this yet, nor am i sure i am going to, my good friend Heidi recently got me a great cookbook called Nourishing Traditions that has recipes for bone broth.  Too coincidental???  hmmm, maybe it's what i need?  Annette also verified that i don't do well with dairy, soy, or wheat...all of which i'd already figured out.  She suggested that i eat nutritional yeast which i love but haven't been enjoying lately.  I picked some up today since i like to put it in my dog's food, and served myself a few tbsps mixed with water and stevia.  Within minutes i had a crazy histimine reaction.  Rashy and itchy skin especially at my elbows and knees and my left ear lit up.  It got so bad i had to race down to the rite aid to pick up some benedryl to squelch the red itchies.  Oddly enough, i've eaten nutritional yeast a lot in the recent past and never had this before.  I guess i'll have to test it another day, but that for sure seems like an allergic reaction or sensitivity.

What about you??  Do you have favorite supplements you swear by?  I'd love for you to share them in the comments below along with your cleanse menu.  Keep the inspiration flowing friends!  Tomorrow day will be the last of my mid week clean journey.  Tomorrow night maddness ensues as the bachelorette weekend begins....

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  1. Thanks Meredith for the kudos on the muscle testing, truly miraculous indeed. I would like to share my experience with our nutrition session in my office. Here's what I believe-Meredith is an intuitive in her own right,for sure. She is correct with the way cleansing makes you feel and once the customized gentle but powerful cleansing supplements are added, years of built up toxins are safely removed. This creates lasting health and prevents aging in a way no doctor can offer. As a cleanse expert myself, I have personally seen clients look 5, even 10 years younger after cleansing. Her experiences lately in what is lining up for her (she calls them "coincidences" and CRAZY GOOD)are very common in clients once they come to see me. Many people just "forget"or get to busy to be dialed into the divine flow of a grateful life here on planet earth. Once we meet and create a customized clinically designed nutrient and food program,then you are really living an inspired healed life . Physical needs are addressed and so emotional and spiritual needs come forth to be healed as well. THAT puts YOU in right in the abundant stream of what you are meant to experience without the struggle. Keep cleansing Meredith and keep inspiring others. You rock!
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