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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 4th of July: Easy Raw Livin' & New Jane Jewels

Official Business - New Jane Business Cards!

Happy 4th of July Friends!  I hope there are some fireworks in your near future along with a sunny day, some bike riding, maybe a BBQ or two, and lots and lots of smiling faces!  This is one of my absolute favorite days of the year!  I'm a HUGE HUGE HUGE lover of fireworks and for me this day really marks the celebration of summer.  HOLLAH!!!!  Here's a great little Independence Day note my girlfriend Melli sent me earlier this week.  I especially like the second "D" I've highlighted for you.

     accept my unique preciousness, loving myself unconditionally
   ewness awaits me in every area of my life
D    oubt evaporates as faith surfaces
   ach day brings promises of spiritual surprises
P    eople in my life are messengers of God
   very moment is a gift from God
   ever depend on any person for your well being
   on't just spend time - invest it by planting positive seeds
   njoy your day/week/month/year/life
   ever say 'never' - with God everything is possible
C    hange your 'thinking' - change your Life
E    very demonstration happens in time and on time

   elays are temporary - be patient
A    lways maintain  an attitude of gratitude
   our first success comes after your last failure

I also wanted to share with you how flippin' AMAZING this month's issue of Whole Living Magazine is.  There is an awesome section with raw food recipes and beautiful photos (i've pasted a few below with links to the recipes).  Reading through the recipes, they are simple and easy for even the kitchen novice to approach. 

Sprouted summer salad:  click here for recipe

Strawberry Oat Bars:  click here for recipe
Zucchini Pasta:  click here for recipe

And news on the Jane Front:  Sculpt Fusion Yoga is now carrying my line of jewels.  All pieces are made with semi precious stones for their healing properties.  New business cards read:

"healing semi precious stones, femininity & sass, and a touch of glamour, Baby."

Though not on my etsy page yet, i do have a couple necklaces:

amazonite and agate

agate is known for it's grounding qualities and helps to dispel negative energy.  Amazonite helps to calm.

 And of course more danglers are online for your shopping, gifting, and wearing pleasure:

my little vintage box of goodies

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