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Saturday, July 16, 2011

If You Like Pina Coladas......

"Yes I like Pina Coladas...And getting caught in the rain.  I'm not much into health food.  I am into champagne.  If you like making love at the dunes on the capeThen I'm the love that you've looked for.  Write to me and escape."

I'm well into my second day of juice cleansing.  I can't hardly call this a fast since i've strayed slightly from the liquid only idea to include some slices of cantelope, a cantelope and coconut smoothie, a pina coolada, and banana fro (no)yo.  LOL.  BUT...good news is that it's all been fruit and veggies (and a little raw nuts ground into the banana soft serve)...all pretty easy to digest/broken down to their simplest edible form.  Here's what the past two days have looked like:


7am 24 oz Carrot Juice

12pm  20 oz kale, apple, lemon juice with fresh cracked coconut water


4pm 25 oz beet, apple, carrot juice

6pm  16 oz apple, chard, lemon  (tried first to juice tomatoe and cucumber but wasn't digging the outcome so i tossed it and went back to something i knew i'd like)

8:30pm  Cantelope and Coconut Smoothie (made with fresh coconut water and meat)

Late night - while watching the Lincoln Lawyer on Pay Per View:  Banana fro (no)yo (2 bananas, date, 2 tbsp almonds, and cinnamon processed into a soft serve)


7am 20 oz apple, lemon, chard juice with fresh coconut water and a few slices of cantelope


11am 24oz beet, apple, carrot with fresh coco water

3pm Banana fro (no)yo : 2 bananas, one date, and 1/4 cup raw cashews processed with cinnamon

Happy Hour:  Pina Coolada - recipe below

around 7:30pm i'll have a kale, lemon, apple, ginger juice.  Just clipped the kale from me' garden!

I was inspired by a movie called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead and thought to myself, if a 400 lb man can do a juice fast for 60 days i surely can do it for 3.....well as you can see, by day one i was already showing signs of weakness.  The good news is that because i've changed my eating habits so much over the past few years it's pretty easy to eat like this on a regular basis....which brings my need for cleansing the body WAY down.  So i'm not feeling so guilty...rather thrilled that i get to enjoy all of the amazing seasonal produce by way of juice, smoothie, fresh, or however i wanna serve it up.

Tomorrow will be the last day of juice cleansing and then i'm back to more solid foods.  Though now that i've gotton back into my juicer (it's always out, but sometimes gets used more than others), i think i'll continue to start the first half of my day with a fresh pressed juice.  Looking forward to breaking my liquid based cleanse tomorrow night with a salad from all the amazing greens growing in our garden!

get your pina coolada on!

 Pina Coolada:

Water from one coconut, a few big scrapes of coconut meat from inside the coconut, about 1 1/2 cups of pineapple chunks.  blended!

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