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Monday, July 18, 2011

The Tortilla Chip Fiasco: A Confession & Lesson Learned

Well the cleanse made it two days....almost.  After my happy hour pina coolada and an inspired session blogging i hit the kitchen with the best of intentions to juice.  What happened in the kitchen is a completely different story.

The boyfriend was making fresh salsa from these juicy tomatoes we picked from Heidi's garden.  I sampled the salsa, as clearly it was cleanse approved, and was tickled by not only the heated kick but also by how my beer guzzling, meat slinging boyfriend made an AWESOME raw and wholesome dish.  My willpower faded and the bag of tortilla chips on the counter was all i could see.  I fell into a foggy haze of delirium and before i knew it i was two fists deep into tortilla chips and gobbling up the best salsa and the ripest avocado i could have ever dreamed up.

Clearly the cleanse went out the window.  However, not all is lost.  I got back on board on Sunday eating a very 'cleanse approved' diet and now with the BF out of town for a few days i'm hoping to be less distracted by his indulgent ways.

Now...there is a lesson to my tortilla chip fiasco.  Within minutes of devouring chips i was in a drunken state.  No kidding.  I felt inebriated...drunk...processed foods = toxins....and toxic matter was taking over my body.  Not cool.  A few minutes after this realization the sick feeling set in.  Double not cool.  I was just feeling BLAH, gross, kinda sick to my stomach, and it made me realize how horrible processed food is for our bodies....yes, even tortilla chips!!! (albeit if i made them on my own without salt and from fresh tortillas i might not have been feeling quite this sick).  Lesson learned.  As a matter of fact the very next morning i participated in a class where we got to set an affirmation and mine was "I will continue to put high vibration food/juice into my body daily and with that take out food without life giving properties."  Pretty easy to affirm to that when i was feeling hung over from my tortilla chip fiasco.


choose corn tortillas with MINIMUM ingredients.  label should read corn, salt, lime.  OR buy them fresh at a farmers market or reputable vendor.

Stack 3 corn tortillas.
Using a sharp knife or pizza cutter cut down the center so you have two equal halves.
Slice each of these twice to make 3 triangles on each semi-circle (6 chips all together per tortilla).
Mist lightly with EVOO and place on a baking sheet.
Bake at 350 shaking the pan or flipping the chips after a couple minutes.
Keep your eyes on them, they will cook fast and be ready in less than 10 minutes.
Sprinkle with salt or hit with a squeeze of lime

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