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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Green Juice To Start Your Day & Energize Your Sexy Body

Nothing makes me feel better than starting my day with green juice...NOTHING!  Flushing my cells with green nectar always gives me a special energy that can't be equaled by anything else.  Throw in anything growing in your garden, anything that you've picked up at the farmer's market or co-op, or anything that needs to get used up.  Celery or cucumber make a great base, and you can sweeten it up with green apple (lower sugar) or a little red apple (gives it more sweetness).  Add sprouts to give it more living ezymatic quality and proteins, and if you need to stretch your juice add coconut water.

Cucumbers are rich in silica and promote great skin, nails, and hair, and recently I realized that the little persian cucumbers fit perfectly in my juicer shoot (so no need to spend time chopping them).  Celery is rich in potassium and sodium, the two most important minerals for regulating fluid balance, therefore it acts as a diuretic helping to flush out your cells and releases excess water weight.  Release water weight?  Um, yes please.

Try this combo:  a bunch of celery, a handful of persian cucumbers, 1/2 a lime, ginger, and a red apple.  Make it even more stellar by pushing through a handful of sprouts and a few leaves of kale!

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