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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Garlicky Greens with Cranberries & Walnuts

First off let me confess what i am doing (right now) is what i tell everyone NOT to do....AND while i'm at it, i  might as well also confess that lately i'm personally making up for the loss of cheese and wine sales in San Diego due to the 25 awesome yogi's that have committed themselves to cleansing in my Wellness Cleanse group at Core Power.  I have NOT been a good girl.  OH NO.  And here you thought my diet was always perfect.

Everyday i hear (and this is no exaggeration):

"I was about to eat a chicken pot pie and i thought of you....thinking would you ever eat this"  

"I was at this great cooking class and we made.....wait, do you even eat sugar?"  

"every morning when i make toast i think of what you told me about processed food."

I'm not sure how i feel about being thought about every time you bite into your sandwich.  While i appreciate that you're thinking of me, I'm just not sure if the association is what i was going after.

YES, INDEED I LOVE FOOD!  That's why i have this blog.  YES,  I LOVE TO EAT HEALTHY, WHOLE, UNPROCESSED FOODS, AND NO I DO NOT EAT CHICKEN POT PIE, but YES, just like you....I AM NOT PERFECT, and time to time i do indulge in foods that wouldn't be on my personal daily menu.   I eat cheese occasionally.  I eat bread occasionally.  I eat sweets (really, you thought that box of Brownies from Trader Joes never made it into my cupboard?   I'm gonna eat me a brownie from a box time to time!)  That said, i've learned to create a balance between eating right (what i know is good, and what makes my body feel good) and allowing myself to indulge occasionally in more 'celebratory foods'.  Sometimes i fall of the wagon so to speak and then a week or so goes by and i get back on the horse.  I've chosen to eat a primarily plant based, whole, unprocessed diet because it makes me feel feeds my heart, body, and soul, and I blog about it so you can learn too how to easily add more plant foods into your diet that are delicious!

And so there you have it.  I haven't been very angelic lately.  The cheese and wine have taken their toll on my body, so it's time to get back on the horse....and thank heavens i'm in the kitchen all week preparing beaming cleanses for almost 90 participants that have signed up.  HOLY MOLY!  yeah 90.  I honestly don't even know how we are doing it.  It's CRAZY.  I'm so excited that 90 San Diegans were stoked enough about health to sign up for this incredible journey.  That said, i'll be just as stoked when it's over!  My days are crazy busy right now and i'm prepping for a possible all nighter at some point this week.  Thank Goodness Beaming Cleanse will keep me nourished all day!

Last night was the last chance i had to make a light dinner from our garden before i started this week of Beaming.  I love...LOVE...this recipe.  It's easy and really delicious.  Plus the flavors are perfect for fall.  Start by getting yourself a few bunches of kale, some dried cranberries, raw walnuts, EVOO, and don't forget's time to cook!

Rinse, dry, and roughly chop the kale
Use a dry non stick pan to heat the kale over med-high until it all wilts down.
Remove the kale from the pan, set aside
Add 1 Tbsp (maybe plus a little more) EVOO into the warm pan
Add a few cloves of minced garlic.  If you need to, return the pan to the heat to cook the garlic, but be careful the garlic doesn't brown which makes it bitter.  I use SCAN PANS which hold heat well so i can basically cook the garlic in the oil in the hot pan without having to turn the heat back on the stove.
Once the garlic is fragrant and golden mix the kale back in with a handful of cranberries, a handful of chopped walnuts, and a few cranks of sea salt.
Make sure the garlic oil coats the kale evenly.

Plate and dig in.  This is such a yummy way to get a hearty dose of calcium and omega 3's into your diet!

just a cute picture of ollie to leave you with.  He doesn't get too excited when we have vegetarian meals.  He's much more animated when Andy cooks meat on the grill.

OH...AND....the thing i'm doing right now that i always say NOT to do:

Eating (albeit a salad, but still....).....EATING in front of my computer.  I really do believe this is modern day couch potato behavior.


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