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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Creating A Post Holiday Action Plan

Thank goodness i've been working out like a mofo lately.  The holidays have once again presented themselves feathered with stiff cocktails, mass consumption of candy canes, sugar plum fairies, gingerbreads,  home made baked goods, and dark chocolates that somehow kept landing on my tongue.

My attempts at balancing my day 80/20 (80% high alkaline plant based foods, 20% less alkaline) have fallen wayside.  I've completely gone AWOL on healthy eating, and have found myself polishing off the tray of brownies more than once in the past few weeks.  I've dined on goo filled treats and stiff drinks that have left me looking and feeling less than stellar.  Was it fun?  Oh yeah, it was.  But i'm not liking the direction the scales are tipping, and i sure as shit don't like waking up feeling like i was hit by a freight train.  I've got to get back on track and burn up some of this goo before it lands on my hips for good!
Here's my goals right now to help me get a more alkaline balance and get back to where i want to be.  I would encourage you to spend some time writing an action plan also.  Journal not just things you know you need to be doing to be healthy, but write down your intentions for the remainder of the year, and intentions for the new year.  That way you can start to wrap your mind around them now and create a successful game plan to conquer each goal.

Health tips to get back on track:

Start every morning with 20 oz of warm water with lemon, and continue to stay hydrated through the day taking half your body weight in ounces of water.

Ease into your day with fresh pressed juices, smoothies, and fresh organic produce.

Limit sugars (check labels to see where sugars sneak in), and choose fruits with a lower glycemic index (grapefruit, green apple, berries)

Have all carbohydrate/grain foods before noon, so you have ample time to burn it off.

Consume lots of veggies and lots of greens.  Leafy greens like kale and spinach are rich in protein, and mushrooms are a great meaty filler that are super low in calories (one portobello is around 25 calories).

Eat a small amount of lean protein with meals.

Be mindful with portion sizes.

Have 3 meals and two snacks daily (meals are around 350 calories, snacks around 150 calories)

Enjoy tea as an after dinner treat, or choose a piece of fresh organic fruit

Get into bed by 10pm nightly

Work out intensely with High Intesity Interval Training, weights, and cardio.

Food Journal everything you eat

Write your goals/intentions for the day/week/month.


Make a commitment to CLEANSE at the top of the new year.

Set aside time to create a vision board for 2012 (mine involves more travel this year!)

Good Luck!  Give me a shout out in the comments with your action plan.  We can all benefit from learning what works for one another.

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