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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Powered By Veggies & Pumped Up Plyo

Next weekend will be my first get-away of 2012.  Packing my 'kini, sunnies, flip flops, and nook and off i go to sayulita, mexico for a yoga retreat at haramara.  You may remember my visit last year where i learned to make birdseed granola and muy caliente chili oil, along with my first zipline expedition, some great sunny rays, yoga classes galore, and great friends.  I'll once again be helping out on the retreat, so my days will be balanced with sunshine, yoga, meditation, great eats, a little teaching, adjusting, and ahhhhh rising and sleeping by sunlight/moonlight in open pallapas with complete disconnection from internet/computer and my phone.  oh-so-peaceful!  The way life should be!

In an attempt to not scare the natives my first time in a bikini this year, this pasty white girl has been working extra hard to melt off any extras.  Unfortunately there isn't much i can do for this white skin until i arrive there, but i'm sure one day in and i'll already have a golden glow!  I've been juicing daily 30 oz of juice, drinking protein green smoothies packed with spinach, chia, and vegan protein powder, and eating mad amounts of raw veggies and lots of parsely and cilantro.  I also started the INSANITY dvd workout series crazy cardio and plyo and busted out my old Turbo Jam dvd's (i love the ones using the swiss ball, which i've once again blown up).  Apparently, the hard work is paying off!  I've lost a few lbs, i'm feeling good with what i'm putting in my body, working out hard, and just yesterday i had a few students comment that i was looking really good.  oh yeah!  i'll take it!  Hard work does pay off!

Here's a glimpse at what this chick-a-dee has been eating:

juicing 1 head celery, 2 cukes, 1 apple, 4 lemons, cilantro, parsley, romaine

vrrrm, vrrrm, grrrr, grrr, grind, squeeze

and i get 30 oz of liquid gold to drink each day

cabbage, celery, shredded steamed yellow beet, cilantro, parsley, tahini, ACV, onion and garlic powder

cabbage, cuke, celery, tahini, ACV, onion & garlic powder, and Living Intentions Ayurvedic chili Blend of sprouted pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.  These are delicious salad toppers!

another 30 oz's of juice: 1 head celery, one massive cucmber, 1 large lemon, 1 fuji apple, lots of parsley

I am seriously flushing the system.  I think limiting salt is HUGE for me.  I'm such a salter and tend to use tamari often.

I've been making my protein shakes with:

1/4 - 1/2 cup almond milk
the remainder of the 1 cup of liquid is pure water
1 Tbsp chia
2-3 inch piece of frozen banana
a few fistfuls of organic spinach or chard from the garden
some ice
and a scoop of protein powder (i use sun warrior and vega or combine the two since the Vega Endurance Line chocolate i have has a butt-load of sodium i only use a half scoop).

As a little treat this morning i also made home-made protein bars.  Wait for it.......

i'll publish the recipe next friday.  There are 15 grams of protein in each bar, and they are low sugar, low carb, and depending how you cut them (i cut 6 large bars) they'll  have under 11 grams of fat and 250 calories (thats making 6 big bars) or halve that and make 12 smaller bars at 125 calories each and 5 grams fat.

I had to leave you hanging with a little something to hold you over until i get back from me-hi-co!

I hope this inspires you to dust off your juicer, pull out your old workout dvd's, and get off your duff!  I'm telling you....give it a week or two and you'll see AND FEEL the difference....and so will those around you!

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