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Monday, February 20, 2012

Three Opportunities To Come Hear Me Speak

Hi friends.  Many of you have taken classes and wellness workshops with me before, and as you know there is always something new to be gained from attending these classes.  Whether you are hearing something for the first time or the 100th, these healthy tips and reminders are what get us back on track, open our eyes to shifts we need to make (however big or small), and inspire us to be our best and take care of our bodies.  I have 3 opportunities upcoming i'd love to have you participate in.

The first is this Wed, Feb 22nd from 6-7pm at Core Power Point Loma.  I'll be leading a one hour lecture that is an overview of the wellness program i'll be leading with Core Power in March.  We'll cover these topics:

  • why and how to cleanse
  • ayurveda and daily ayurvedic routines
  • kapha dosha
  • eating from the earth, eating seasonally, shopping locally
  • planning your plate, preparing fresh, easy, healthy meals, and eating 'on the go'
  • eating mindfully and embracing a yogic lifestyle off the mat

This lecture is complimentary, and will help answer any questions you may have about enrolling in the 3 week program, as well it will also re-inspire you with great tips to get yourself back on the path to well-being.  To enroll, please email me at or call the studio.  RSVP is mandatory.

This upcoming Sunday Feb 26th, i'll be leading a class for Be Beaming at Cups Culinary in La Jolla.  This class will be on detoxification and we'll cover the following topics with some food demonstration:

  • the importance of cleansing/detoxing
  • digestion - the gateway to improved health
  • detoxing the mind for mental and emotional well-being through mantra/affirmation
  • self care/body care and creating a healthy mind-body connection
  • using food as medicine- superfoods, living foods, and juicing for health
  • food prep class for practical and healthy tips
  • delicious recipes to make at home

From March 16th-April 4th I'll be leading the Wellness/Seasonal Cleanse Program at Core Power Point Loma.  Many of you have taken this program multiple times and realize the impact these changes you embrace have.  I invite you all to come back, and those of you who are new to the program, you will be stunned...FLOORED...with the amount of knowledge and self discovery you walk away with.  If you are ready to make some shifts in your life and ready to start taking good care of yourself, then this workshop is a MUST!  We'll be working to balance kapha dosha as spring is upon us.  Following are the dates/times and program enrollments costs:

  • this program meets Friday March 16th, and Wednesdays March 21st and 28th, and Wed April 4th for lectures from 6:30-9:30pm
  • we also meet 2 Sundays for asana practice March 25th and April 1st from 7:30am-9:30am
  • Cost if you have an autopay membership with core power is $375, without membership it's $469 and you get free yoga throughout the duration of your cleanse.

I hope i get the opportunity to meet you/see you in one of the upcoming workshops.  At the very least, make sure to pop in for one of my yoga classes soon!!!!

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