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Sunday, April 22, 2012

High On The Green Stuff & Soaring Above The Clouds

As always, i'm high on the green juice that is.  
High on greens & high in the sky!

This past month has been a whirlwind for me.  Between traveling abroad and east, teaching yoga, detox, cooking classes, nutrition workshops, ayurvedic lectures, writing ebooks, newsletters, and blogs for Beaming, i've hardly had a moment to write here.  In fact as i write, i'm 35,000 feet above ground!  Who knew there was such a thing as internet above the clouds?  Or do i just live in the dark ages??

Even as i type i'm not sure where to start.  There is just too much good juicy stuff to share!!!  

Let me start by re-announcing/explaining my position with Beaming and telling you what Beaming truly is.  If you regularly follow the blog you know i've been working as Beaming's Education Director for months now.  I write A LOT of healthy factoids for them (follow me through them on FB) and read my beaming blogs,  I connect and learn from the best holistic practitioners, teach a variety of classes, and create ideas for how to expand the educational side of Beaming and am working to develop Beam TV (more on that as it unfolds).

beaming green juice

For those of you still trying to figure out what Beaming is.  Beaming is the greatest (and first) superfood food bar/cleanse experience in the world!  We've taken the concept of juice cleansing and improved on what every other company is doing to make sure you get the finest pressed juices, superfood smoothies, nutrient dense gourmet raw foods, and supplements available that will help you detox, alkalize, and balance your blood sugars.  We provide prepared cleanses and are working on building out the first B bar (hopefully opening in june) where San Diegan's can get freshly made superfood smoothies and 'take out' the healthiest and tastiest food available with nutrient stellar superstars that are bursting with yumminess to knock your knickers off!

These past four days in NY were amazing.  Lisa, the CEO of Beaming, and I scoured the city for the best green juices, inspiration, and collaborations to make Beaming and even better concept than before.  We've linked up with celebrities, we've met with hormone expert Alisa Vitti, raw food chef sensation Matthew Kenney, and took classes from Nick Ortner and Kris Carr.  PS - if you don't know these people climb out from under your rock and check them out.  They are the leaders in the whole body health and wellness movement.  Though i can't disclose too much yet, i can guarentee san diego is in for a treat when B bar opens.  It's going to be like nothing the city or the world has ever seen!

Me, Kris Carr, and Lisa Odenweller.
Kris Carr is so incredibly pretty, and SO much prettier in person.
She is the essence of Beaming and radiates an undeniable healthy glow.  

This weekend Lisa and I hit up Pure Food and Wine, One Lucky Duck, Juice Press, Liquiteria, Live Live, Gingersnap, Yoganic, and many more.  We sampled juices from Blue Print Cleanse, and drank more tonics and elixers than you can shake a stick at.

Dinner at Pure Food & Wine - originally created by Matthew Kenney with Sarma

One Lucky Duck Take Out - Sarma's Raw spot at Chelsea Market

Lunch at One Lucky Duck - we sampled so much!!!

What we found was that we were DYING to have one of our own low sugar green drinks as they taste way BETTER than anyone we found.  Yeah, we drank some decent juices, but also some INCREDIBLY horrible juice (stuff that tasted like a salt spill), and decided that NY definitely will need to get Beamed soon too!

won't say where this is from, but it was NO BUENO!!!
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I'm also teaching a superfoods class this Sunday, April 29th (ignore the date in the link), at Cups in La Jolla.  It's going to be a blast!  I'll be teaching all about what superfoods are, how to use them, and together we'll make a bunch of plant based superfood recipes to enjoy.  Sign up here.

hands on class!

making these.....mmmmm

and another variation on these with mock tuna pate in collards

Hope you can come to this tasty event!!!!  I'm so looking forward to connecting with all of you i haven't seen or heard from in a while and meeting many of you that i've still to meet!!!


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