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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Protein Pancakes Rock My World

Do you love pancakes, but hate how empty they are nutritionally and useless they make you feel?  Can we say instant sugar high and low???  It's amazing how we can eat a stack of gut-rot pancakes slathered in syrup and butter and then have the burning desire to feed our pie holes again within a few hours.  It's not so shocking really, since the sugars and carbs send your blood sugars through the roof.  Quick rise, quick fall, and with the fall comes the cravings and the body's desire to once again find balance.

Enter the protein pancake.  These pancakes rock the house.  They are low sugar, low fat, super delicious, and hold you over.  Add variety by switching up the flavors from banana, to blueberry, pumpkin, to spinach - get creative!  Or use a different base, as i've seen many variations on the recipes from the inclusion of cottage cheese to oats.  My two fave's are banana cinnamon and blueberry.

Power Protein Pancake:

1/4 cup egg white
1 scoop vanilla Sun Warrior protein powder
1 tsp ground chia seed
1/2 a mashed banana (optional)
a little water to get it to a batter consistency

If using the banana, mash it up first, then stir in the remainder of the ingredients, water last as you'll need to gauge how much to use based on the thickness of your batter.  I love adding a bunch of cinnamon and sometimes a few drops of maple extract or english toffee stevia, AND often i'll throw blues in too.

Heat a pan to medium heat and mist with oil, form your pancake, cover, and watch for the little bubbles to come through as it puffs up.  Flip (i have a HUGE pancake spatula by XOXO that makes a perfect pancake flip everytime), and cook until slightly firm on top to touch.

Eat as is, or consider topping with a dallop of nut butter, or some pomegranate arils, berries, or bananas.


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