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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Over The Moon For Moon Juice

Until B Bar opens, San Diego is still at a loss for a superior juice/superfood bar experience, however if you make it up to LA I'll encourage you to stop in Venice beach and get your superfood and juice fix at Moon Juice.  Perched on Rose Ave at 5th this little neighborhood juice spot is exactly what i hope B Bar will be: an un-intimidating, friendly, vibrant little haven filled with raw and juicy goodness, with an unassuming team of expertly trained staff to help you navigate around the menu.

located a hop, skip, and jump from a huge whole foods, the yoga collective, and soon to be cafe gratitude raw cafe!
During my weekend visit i couldn't help but stop in a few times to sample the goods.  Their almond milk is divine, the smoothies awesome (I tried the Vanilla Bliss with Sun Warrior Protein, Chocolate Mint, and Green Shake), and they make a killah coconut yogurt topped with yacon, cacao nibs, and cashews.  Holy Coconut Yogurt Crack Addiction!

coconut crack on the right - they top it with yacon and we added a little packet of cacao and cashew - best dessert ever!
Before i left town on Sunday i even tried the turmeric cup (2 ounces turmeric root juiced, 2 ounces ginger root juiced, with cayenne & honey).  While it wasn't my favorite flavor, i do highly believe in the healing powers of turmeric and knew that my liver would thank me for drinking it.

their green shake is simple 1 1/2  frozen bananas blended with their signature green juice and one ounce of almonds
Also while in Venice we stopped at another little juice spot down near the boardwalk.  While they didn't press with a hydraulic press, nor have the quality i felt Moon Juice did, for a few bux cheaper i could still detox with an e3live shot, wheatgrass shot, and organic green juice at the Fruit Gallery.  A perfect cure after a little friday night fever!

right off the boardwalk in Venice

e3live shot, wheatgrass, body detox juice is spinach, parsley, cucumber, celery, apple, ginger, lemon
One last stop while in LA was at Beverly Hills Juice.  While i didn't snap any pix there, they do make a really tasty shake by blending any juice of theirs with what they call Banana Manna (check it out on their menu).  It's basically frozen bananas and either almonds, sunflower seeds, or cacao mixed to make an ice cream like base.  The simple idea is take a few scoops of the Banana Manna and mix it with any juice and wha-lah you have a delicious, nutritious shake.  You can find BHJ at the farmers market in Santa Monica on Sunday mornings if you don't have a chance to drive to the location off Beverly Blvd.

Loving this movement toward health and vitality!  Can not wait to see more happening here in my neck of the woods.  B Bar is slated to open later this summer, and we are considering doing some mobile stuff before hand.  AND for all you Dr Weil and True Food Lovers out there:  Word on the street is that Dr Weil's restaurant True Food is also going to be opening here soon in the Fashion Valley Mall!  Wooohooo truly healthy food is on it's way!!!  This makes me do a little happy booty shakin' dance!

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