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Thursday, August 23, 2012

What The Fig, That's a Load of Kraut!

Wanna get figg'd up?

In an attempt to rebalance my body after 2 weeks of travel and over-indulgences, i'm wetting my whistle with this seasons finest naturally cleansing foods and enjoying the healing benefits they offer.

A snapshot of the past week brings me to my old stomping ground - portland, oregon....a foodie's paradise.  Had i traveled alone i could have blogged about all the vegan cafes i'd hoped to visit like canteen and blooming lotus or the incredible yoga at any of the many studios i stumbled upon, however this trip was shared with my love, a sometimes carnivorous, beer drinking, gastro-pub loving M-A-N.  So while we were able to frequent a few juice trucks, get remedied with some wheatgrass, e3live, green smoothies, and raw food, most of our days were started with big breakfasts, biking cross city, chasing happy hours, and rolling with my old homies.  Nothing to complain about, but i'm happy to be home with my juicer, vitamix, food processor, and back to my old raw food clean eatin' ways.  I will throw out some real big props though to a couple places that any health nut would roll over their grave to saddle up to in case you make your way into the pacific NW.  Sips was my fave.  Not a far cry from what Beaming is up to - they offer tons of fresh juices, tonics, and raw bits.  A second fave was Kure - a little pod on a corner serving up tasty green smoothies, juices, and acai bowls.  And my third fave spot was Prasad.  It's a little raw foods haven attached to a yoga studio.  How great is that?  Do a little yoga and get yourself some healthy bites.  I am in love with this concept and have been waiting for something like this to open in san diego...hint hint all you entrepreneurs reading...i have loads of ideas for you!  Plus i found a great herb shop with kombucha on tap, where i picked up a little detox liver support tincture (you know, in case the cocktails i'd been having on vaca were having their way with my liver).

Sips on NE Alberta - awesome juices, wheatgrass, e3live, and more

yum-a-licious green smoothies

house of Prasad Raw foods

The Herb Shoppe on Hawthorne

Now that i'm back in my own kitch it's time to get the detox foods a-flowing.  I've been enjoying small plates like the fig, avocado, and sunflower sprout salad pictured above (and below) and apple pie sammies (pic below) packed with almonds, dates, and cinnamon as a sweet treat.  I'm also juicing like a pheen, sucking down green smoothies, and enjoying lots of sprouted foods and real sauerkraut.  As well, i've updated one of my favorite basic tahini salad dressings with a little fresh squeezed orange juice for a killer zip.  All recipes are below.  Give me a big thumbs up on FB if you likey my recipes and blog, and share the love with all your homies.

Fig, Avocado, Sunflower Sprout Salad

large handful sunflower sprouts
1 black mission fig
1/2 a ripe avocado
sea salt

Place the sprouts on a small plate.  Chop the avocado and add to the plate.  Top with a sliced fig.  Add a squeeze of lemon and a little coarse sea salt over the top to finish it off.

Apple Pie Sammies

1/4 cup raw almonds
4 pitted dates
a few small chunks/slices of apple
cinnamon to taste

Slice your apple to make thin rounds.  Process the above ingredients in a food processor to make a coarse dough.  Go light on adding apple - too much will make it too wet, but just enough will make it process well.  Place the mix in between to round slices of apple.  This recipe makes multiples, depending how thick you make your sammies (too thick and the innards will goo out when munching your sammie)

Sprout-Kraut Salad w/ Orange Tahini Dressing

for the salad:

a handful of alfalfa sprouts
a handful of sunflower sprouts
a handful of spinach
1/2 an avocado
sliced tomatoes
1/2 cup kraut (i used a combo of two flavors)

orange tahini dressing:

juice from two oranges
juice from two lemons
1-2 T tamari 
2 T tahini
1-2 T fresh avocado
optionally add a little onion powder

blend all the dressing ingredients in a blender.  To make it thicker add a small amount of avocado.

lightly dress the salad with a little of the dressing.  You'll have dressing left over that will store well in the fridgey.

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