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Monday, August 13, 2012

You Put The Lime In The Coconut

Bula from Fiji.  The sun is bright, the weather is perfect, the water is blue, and my cup is full!  I was offered an amazing opportunity to lead yoga on this little heart shaped island for 13 lovely families.  Here's a snapshot of what i've been up to on the insanely beautiful island of Tavarua.

swimming in this

sipping on this

eating lots of this

lounging like this

finding great things

meeting great folks

spending time here

and here

....and here.

teaching lots of yoga

And just having a good ol' time!

Now you might ask what good time is to be had on vacation without a little tropical cocktail?  I left it up to the surf/boat guys to make sure my coconuts were well taken care of.

Little did i know that harvesting a coconut is quite a feat.  While i've been told the local fijians can do it in one fell swoop, it took my friend a solid 20 minutes of determination, sweat, and a 40 foot stick to get one down.

i tried my hand at it too.  It was a complete joke and i'm sure i looked absurdly ridiculous.

hard work, and he still has to knock two more down!

We mixed up the coconut water with a little rum and a splash of pineapple juice and made what will forever go down in history as my FAVORITE tropical drink.  It's so simple, i only hope that the coconuts we can get here in the states will make it as good!

RECOMMENDED:  coconut water from the coconut, rum, splash pineapple, ice

As for anyone who is interested in going to this magical place as well, please send me a note on Facebook.  This would be an awesome surf/yoga/SUP/boating adventure trip and i'd love to be your host next year in 2013.


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