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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Raw 4 Life & Honeydew Gazpacho

While i'm not a 'raw foodist' or even eat entirely raw, my diet is made up of primarily raw foods (even more so in the summer months).  I eat much produce, nuts, seeds, sprouted foods, and pile in the leafy greens like they're going out of style.  I drink smoothies, and eat raw soups, salads, and occasionally enjoy sashimi.  This all makes me feel FANTASTIC.  I've corrected the digestive distresses I suffered from all my life by eliminating dairy, gluten, soy, processed foods, and eating a high plant based, high-raw, high fiber diet.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of galavanting around Venice with some of my dearest girlfriends.  Rose Ave. (where i used to live, then a bit rough) is now a thriving little mecca filled with unique boutiques, restaurants, a yoga studio, wine bar, a huge Whole Foods, moon juice bar, and my favorite place to eat, Cafe Gratitude.  I've loved this place ever since i stepped foot in the San Fran location years back.  side note:  Ironically, i bought the cafe cookbook back then but i've still yet to ever crack it open.  hmmmm, need to get on that.  The cafe has raw and cooked plates, it's all organic, all made from scratch with lots of love, and it's all absolutely out of this world.  I was so inspired by one of the soups i had, that i tried my hand at recreating it at home.  While my version didn't match the cafe's, it's still super impressive on the palette.  I wonder if the recipe i seek is in the aforementioned cookbook buried deep in my cookbook shelf??  hmmmm....

Scroll down for my recipe:  honeydew gazpacho.

This whole week i've been eating nothing but raw food.  I feel fantastic, my skin is glowing, and i've lost any bloat i was holding onto.  I'm slowly detoxing out my celebratory summer and inviting in a still warm fall with delicious healing foods.

"I am Fulfilled" from Cafe Gratitude.  Ohh Myy Yumm.
PS - San Diegans' just got healthier with the opening of Go Raw Life Center in Liberty Station.  You may have seen some of the Go Raw products at your local health shop before.  This primarily take out cafe offers organic juices, smoothies, raw food cleanses, and all the products you'd normally see in store.  A great spot to dip into if you need a small, quick -on the go- healthy bite.  I tried their green smoothie, raw lasagna, and green salad with sweet basil dressing.  Everything was yummy.  It wasn't gourmet per se, and it's clear they don't focus on presentation, but they do a fabulous job at making healthy raw foods accessible to the public at rediculously low price points (one week cleanses for under $175 and organic green smoothies for $5 or $6).  Plus everyone in there was sweet as pie and open to answer any questions!  It's definitely a spot i'll dip into to pick up foods when i'm not feeling like prepping in the kitch.

raw lasagna from Go Raw

RECIPE Du'JOUR:  Honeydew Gazpacho

1 cup coconut water
1/4 of a small ripe avocado
1 small peeled persian cucumber, chopped
big wedge of honeydew chopped, about 1/4 of a small honeydew melon
*optionally stevia to sweeten

1 - 2 tbsp of coconut meat (dried or fresh)
1 small handful of spinach (or cilantro or mint would be great too)

Blend first four ingredients together in a Vitamix.  You may need more or less honeydew based on how sweet yours is.  Mine wasn't super sweet so i added 4 drops of liquid stevia.

Once your base is blended, toss in a small handful of spinach, a tbsp or two of either dried or fresh coconut meat, and optionally a little more avocado.  Pulse gently from the lowest setting on your vitamix just to break these into chunky bits.

Pour into a bowl and garnish.  I added coconut flakes, purple grapes, and bee pollen, but something pink like a little beet juice swirled in would look beautiful on there too!


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