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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

'Tis The Season: Chocolate, Wine, & Butternut Squash Soup

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Cheers to a Happy and Prosperous New Year!!!

Hi Friends!  I hope you all had an amazing and indulgent Holiday.  Amidst all the craziness of the season my blogging ways seem to fall wayside whilst my red wine and chocolate consumption triumphed.  Rather than relying on willpower to keep me disciplined this year i focused on making inspired choices.  In the past relying on my ever absent willpower has left me feeling nothing short of defeated, whereas making many 'inspired choices' in this case to indulge in wine and chocolates has most certainly made me feel less guilty, albeit hasn't helped me fit into my seven jeans any better.

So while i'm figuring out how to properly use 'inspired choice' over willpower i'll need a shoe horn and vaseline to get back into my skinny jeans.  argh.

So yes, it's been a season of indulgences and as happy as i was for Christmas to come (weeeee i love prezzies and caroles, hot cider, decorating the tree, and did i mention chocolate and wine?), i'm happy  that now it has happened and has past.  There were a handful of healthy and fabulous recipes that happened this month too, but mostly what was memorable to me were the prezzies, the chocolate, and the wine.

new prezzies: flannel, beanie, socks, and playing with the 'afterglow' app on my iphone for these great effects

one of the best gifts in the world: watching my pug unwrap prezzies!

My new favorite treat from trader joes (dark chocolate sea salt and turbinado sugar almonds).  I recommend NOT buying them unless you want to eat a container in a day.  Or maybe that's just me?

So if you don't get them, get this instead:

And This....
it's the easiest sipping red around.  I LOVE Apothic Red.  You can get it at Trader Joes or Target.
It's not exclusive by any means, but i'd say impressive for a $10 bottle.

Onward, i have three big announcements (and of course a healthy recipe):

1.  b'Bar in Del Mar opened up.  It's the first of Beaming's Superfood Vitality Bars.  If you've been following the blog for a while you'll know that i've been working with Beaming for the past year.  Now a high end juice and smoothie bar, they make all of their own almond milk in house from organic soaked almonds, use mostly locally sourced ingredients, highest quality superfoods, and everything is organic (and delicious).  If you haven't made it in yet, i'll encourage you to check it out.  You can also follow us on facebook.  I manage the bulk of content that goes through their facebook page.

2.  As of January 1st i'll be adding to and adjusting my yoga schedule and will now also be teaching at Yoga Six in Liberty Station/Point Loma.  It's a beautiful new studio in an old military barracks sandwiched between trader joes (for easy chocolate buying) and many great shops.  Look for me on schedule in the new year for 6am vinyasas on monday/wednesday and mid morning classes on monday and tuesdays.  

3.  This past weekend i shot a yoga segment for Joy Houton's Healthy Happy Hottie online program.  Isabella Cruz (restauranteur and chef) was there cooking up a storm, Joy was showing us her best raw food tricks, and i was getting everyone stretched out.  If i get a copy of the vid i'll post it for you, otherwise you'll have to sign up for Joy's program once it's released.  Details to come...she's always up to great stuff.  Check her and her recipes out at The Delicious Revolution.

And...drumroll please.....It's Recipe Time....

While i haven't been the picture of perfect health lately, i have been trying to balance it all out with plenty of green juices, green smoothies, and healthy hearty soups.  This one was a holiday fave that came to Christmas dinner with me.  It received lots of oooooo's and aaaaaah's and requests for the recipe, and i promise it's super simple.  

Sweet & Spicy Butternut Squash Soup:

Set oven to 400 degrees F
Peel a whole butternut squash.
Chop it into small squares
Melt 1-2 Tbsps of coconut oil in a pan and toss to coat the butternuts squash
Crank on a little sea salt and coarse black pepper
Roast at 400 for about 30 minutes or until soft
Put the squash into a large soup pot with 4 cups of low sodium veggie broth (i used Trader Joes box)
Liberally add penzey's toasted onion, vindaloo spice, and a very small amount of Hot Curry, a half Tbsp of honey, and more black pepper and salt to taste.  
Using a hand immersion blender, blend the soup until it reaches a creamy consistency.  You can add water or veggie broth to thin.  

I typically add a couple cups of either water or veggie broth depending what i have on hand.


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